You Don’t Need to Be Fixed, You’re NOT Broken | Sunday Inspiration LIVE!

You Don't Need to Be Fixed, You're NOT Broken | Sunday Inspiration LIVE!

You Don’t Need to Be Fixed, You Are Not Broken | Sunday Inspiration LIVE! with Bob Baker & Pooki Lee – A global family gathering, Season 2, Episode 46. Get on Bob and Pooki’s VIP Email Alert list and be the first to know about exciting new developments

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0:00 Sunday Inspiration w/ Bob Baker & Pooki Lee
6:14 Pooki’s Centering Breath
13:05 How Creative Ideas Come to You
15:56 Original Song: ”Everything Is Always Working Out for Me”
18:55 Mastering Your Mind
23:08 Viewer Comments & Shout-Outs
26:22 Community Photos
43:19 Get on the VIP Email Alert list
46:32 You Don’t Need to Be Fixed
1:00:36 Original Song: ”I’m Alright Already”
1:09:26 Free to Be Me Affirmations
1:11:40 Deeann’s Video Joke Reel
1:15:09 Bob’s Comedy Pun Corner
1:21:57 Video Dance Party ”I Am Capable”

Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Let’s sing this chorus though with Everyone everyone sing along you know it Now Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Yes uh and finally we are back in our Home studio uh here in the middle of the Fall for us Although you know the last two Sundays When we streamed live from that lovely Home in Florida that was kind of a nice Little atmosphere it was it was Fantastic yeah boy did we enjoy Ourselves we had so much fun one and we Came back so not only uh so here you Know of course we’re based out of St Louis which we’re so we’re back home now And uh interesting interesting thing not Only did we come back to freezing Temperatures uh so yeah obviously Florida I think Florida even was 75 Yesterday or whatever in The Villages at Least Um but even in St Louis two or three Days ago there were two days in a row When it got up to like 80 degrees here Unseasonable it was unbelievable I met With a friend on Thursday it was and we

Sat Outdoors at a Panera here because it Was so nice out but things have changed And it got down to like 30 Drastically changed yesterday they’d Even had uh they even had snow I think Uh in fact I think I see cherie in the Chat there and she sent a photo To somebody uh one of our peeps Deanne Here and said I think they showed Pictures of snow where she is it’s not That far from us I said we didn’t get Any snow here but it was probably right I was yesterday it was snowing oh really Yeah that’s interesting we had some Flurries Just a little bit of snow yeah we’re Supposed to get like well I was a little West and north in Missouri yeah and uh They’re supposed to get an inch of snow Tomorrow oh wow so it’s uh winter is Coming in hot and heavy just getting in Time for the holiday celebrations yes Yay we’re coming to the close of another Amazing year I’m Transforming Our Lives To the power of affirmations and uh Powerful thoughts that’s right the Setting an intention and expectation for How you want to live your life so Basically yeah our theme is oh this is a Good one some of you might recognize That phrase because there’s a song Related to it it will that Pookie would Do but we’re talking about this whole Concept that you don’t need to be fixed

And there’s an add-on there you’re not Broken yeah yeah and so we’re gonna be Talking about that so uh stick around Now uh uh let’s see here I’m just gonna I just happened to catch this comment Here I just want to highlight it because It’s a pretty cool thing Robin says good Morning Bob and pookie I am now a Published poet on Amazon yay Robin we’re Celebrating you congratulations Accomplishment that is so cool welcome To the uh published authors Club I mean I don’t know if I’m not sure if that’s Your first book or not but uh whether it Is or not yeah congratulations uh that Is cool I see some people in there whose Photos are going to be appearing a Little bit later on like Nunya I got Photos of you I went through and scoured Your Facebook page because you weren’t Here with to get them off of your phone But I I downloaded some photos from our From our various trips that we have not Shown on previous Sunday so yeah oh my Gosh it was so amazing I’m still reeling From that trip just we just had such a Fantastic time meeting so many beautiful People I got a photo of Danielle she’s In the chat fantastic hello Danielle we Got all kinds of cool people here today We got married Rose Anita and Jillian And Yvette and Jennifer Crystal Mercy oh my gosh let’s see here Uh Cherie I think I already mentioned as

I mentioned Debbie oh there’s Lisa Jessica Ruiz Um yeah yeah the gang is all here Welcome ladies and gentlemen we have Some people here that are okay for the First time yeah so yeah let us know Where you uh yeah where are you watching From and if it’s your first time Actually catching us live during a live Broadcast which we’ve been doing for Nearly two years almost let us know that In the uh Oh it’s a crazy vegan friend it’s um I’m Gonna I’m probably gonna pronounce his Name wrong because it’s either Marcio or Marchio or Marcia but uh yeah he and his Uh his cohort on the bridge of the Atlantic podcast and interviewed me a Few years ago he’s got the crazy vegan Lifestyle Channel oh awesome man thank You for for tuning in uh it’s good to See I love that yeah that’s a great Episode it’s on YouTube it’s you know It’s in the archives and uh maybe I’ll Share that on my community tab that was A fun interview that’s been a few years Now Um yeah yeah uh let’s see here yeah all Right cool cool well Pookie why don’t You uh get us centered here in this Lovely fall environment you know we are All together right now I’m looking at my Stats we got 79 people currently Simultaneously watching this

And there’s more people come and go Throughout the 90 minutes that we Broadcast Marcio okay I think I got it Right the first time yay yay cool uh Denmark in the house and I saw Stockholm Oh I see uh yeah we got Puerto Rico Puerto Rico okay from Denmark oh man Look at this yeah all across the world Oh and they’re here in this now moment And is it sanjana uh first time yay time Hello sanjana welcome and you folks know How how we treat our first timers here In the chat Anita from Singapore all Right gosh why you guys it’s a global Audience Banning just spanning the globe Our hearts are all connected in love You know and so that’s the wonderful Thing is like no matter where we are we Have these beacons These like Resonant heart vibrations That emerge from deep within our own Being Each one of us carries a secret code of Love and compassion and healing right Here within our own chest our beautiful Beating Heart and that heart every time That that heart beats foreign You know and maybe there’s been times When you’ve come into this circle and You’ve needed that love And you could feel that love as we were Extending our hearts out to one to Another creating This Magnificent web

That Embraces us all And maybe you’ve come and You’re the you’re here to just give Your Love Away To those who need it so there’s both in The circle today So we want to honor that For those of you that have come to Activate your hearts and send this Energy of Love out into the world to all Of our beautiful sacred relatives who Desire healing Thank you for being here And for those of you that have gathered In this place and feel that you could be Blessed by this energy of love Now we’re going to create right now or We’re going to bring our awareness to The power of our Oneness [Music] I’m gonna just love on you and wherever You are If you really just tap into your heart You’ll be able to feel us loving you So all right for those that are giving Let’s prepare our hearts That’s by taking a deep breath together Breathing in And releasing [Music] Breathing in again deeply [Music] And releasing One more time breathing in deeply

And releasing [Music] Those of you that are here to receive This love open up your hearts And allow this love to come into your Heart Maybe you’re facing some challenges Right now that have been difficult for You And In This Moment in this beautiful Network of loving Souls gathered Together in this time and space You can feel our love coming in like a Laser beam into your heart and filling Up your heart with love Foreign ERS as you’re amplifying this love Feeling it moving out from your your Very own physical body this 3D vessel That you’ve been given The receivers just open up open up Open up your heart And receive the love right now that’s Being sent to you from all the beautiful People in this feed in this now moment That we’re all standing together in the Trees of who we are which is infinite Love Healing and Light [Music] Um [Music] I feel that So let’s bring our hands together

[Music] Some call it the prayer pose But I like to call it this gratitude Pose so thank you thank you thank you Thank you to this beautiful heart and This beautiful beautiful expression of Love that we’ve just released into the World [Music] Yummy so good we Yes yummy I said the word yummy that’s right we Have the power within us I found the Lyrics I was looking in the wrong part Of the alphabet I was looking at A’s and It’s under eye so cookie knows what that Means [Music] I thought I was looking for earlier it’s So perfect We need to pick this guitar right back Up because we’re going to do a song and Now we are okay let’s do it so right From a mellow so yeah we we’d like to Think we take you through the whole Range of uh like you know moods and Emotions and and all that stuff and so That was kind of a mellow centering that We always like to do early on uh and Then uh but then some of the music bring It back up Deanne is here oh you gotta Have to stick around ladies and Gentlemen there’s a special I took some Time oh you’re gonna enjoy it’s like

Just a little over a minute of uh I just I I just I’m I just you just need to Stick around because it’s gonna be Featured a hard-hitting video coming up A little bit later no you have nine it’s Really awesome so it’s good that I’m a Great follower all of you Deanne Angel Fans stick around all right it’s gonna Be so much fun You’re gonna laugh and We’re gonna be featuring photos of uh we Had not shown before uh on uh yeah Here a little bit later on it’s gonna be Something in addition to talking about Our topic today which is your uh you you Don’t need to be fixed You do not need to be fixed oh my gosh Because you’re walking around thinking That you need to be fixed yeah well well I’ve got something to tell you let’s Save that all right so here’s this song This is a song that I remember uh it’s Funny I remember where the the songs Were kind of written or where they came To life but this was at an Airbnb back In outside of Nashville uh a year I know Back in last May is where this came out I remember I just had this riff remember I just kind of played with it and this One this one came together pretty Quickly yeah sometimes they do Sometimes they’re like yes five hours And they’re born so this is actually Basically I took an affirmation that may Have been originally come from Louise

Hey so many of these things have been Used by so many people it’s hard to know The origins of them Um but it’s a really awesome affirmation That I turned into the chorus of a song I know the or uh the origination of them I know where they come from oh oh the The the the Divine intelligence that’s right we’re Just capturing we’re just catching these Ideas or these thoughts or these Affirmations we’re catchers Vessels yes in fact we were listening to The audiobook of big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert if you’re a creative person at All or even if you’re not it’s a really Awesome so good she talks about it yeah And she’s assuming she did a couple of TED talks about creativity too and she’s The author of Eat Pray Love but just This one concept and I it’s kind of you Know it’s just her perspective on it but She thinks that great ideas for books And art and music they exist in the Universe and the infinite out there in The evening realm and they’re looking For someone to uh to to to act on them And bring them to life uh and so when You get those nudges that could be uh That it’s it’s like it’s knocking on Your door going hey I think you might be A good person to get this thing out into The world uh and if you listen to it and Act on it you that you might be that

Person but if if you if you delay it or You turn it or it might it eventually Will get tired of waiting around it’ll Go find somebody else and she explains That that’s why Um this happens all the time where you Get an idea for something in like six Months or a year later you see oh Somebody put that thing out Um and you know I’ve seen it all the Time and she’s actually said she has Written books like Eat Pray Love she Wrote that book and then after she Published it oh okay go ahead after she Published that book there were people That came came and said you wrote my Book you wrote myself exactly what Happened to you it happened to me but They didn’t write the Books they she did She’s the one that sat down and actually Did something with it so we get these Inspired ideas and it’s how music comes To us too they get these inspired ideas And sometimes you know like we we have To catch them right so so catching them And once you catch them then you’ve got A very you’ve got a period of time to Actually do something with it if they Think you’re the one they’ll keep Bugging you for a while or the idea will But that’s again this you can Embrace This I you know I I I I’m intrigued by The concept I love the idea yeah yeah Because if you’ve got these ideas for

Inventions and then there they are if She says one way if you actually look at Creativity and your ideas that way it Takes the pressure off of you being the Creator having to having to do all the Work like you’re just being inspired You’re just a Channel or a vessel for The idea yeah so bring it on Debbie says That was a great book yeah so it’s Called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Here’s the song uh that I was talking About that was written last May here it Is [Music] No matter what happens in my life I know I’m living the dream Like when I’m driving in my car and all The lights are all green With everything Is always Working out for me Everything Is always Working out for me [Music] Sometimes my blessings get covered up I Am the hard to find But even when the sky is gray Sun still shines here we go everything Is always Working out for me sing it again Everything Is always I’m working out for me in the Dark of nights in a light of days when I

Lose myself oh when I find my way in the Dark of nights But when I lose myself when I find my Way in the dark of nights in the light Of day when I lose myself when I find my Way in the dark In the light of day but when I lose Myself oh when I find my way I know Everything’s all right Everything’s all right When I open up my heart Abundance flows to me But I accept all life’s ups and downs That’s how it’s supposed to be come Along everything Is always I’m working out for me sing it again Everything Is always I’m working out for me let me Hear you now on everything Is always I’m working out for me one More time everything Is always Working out for me I said it’s working Out for me let me hear you now it’s Working out for me It’s always working out for me It really is always everything Everything I know right it’s like You don’t you know there’s a part of Your brain that doesn’t want to believe That but everything is always working Out for you and it’s like this when we Start talking about these kinds of

Concepts we’re really looking at Mastery Of how to master your journey right These are Master teaching teachings and Sometimes they’re really hard to embrace So that’s why affirmations are so Important because what you can do is you Can begin to Seed your mind seed your Consciousness With thoughts that you might not fully Be experiencing or manifesting in your Life but you’re you’re planting the seed You know so like when we when we come to The soil when we come to the mother and We make that little indentation and we Put that seed in there right that seed Gets planted we cover the soil and we Will water that and there’ll be no no Obvious Um represent that any indication that Something’s happening in the soil So when we’re doing our affirmations Right and we’re wanting to attract Something into our life we’re wanting to Change the way that we feel or Experiencing something we’re planting That seed deep into the soil and we have To continue to water it and that’s what Repeating the affirmations is even when You’re when you’re you your Consciousness hasn’t yet caught up to What you’re saying like you don’t know It you’re working on believing it but Then there comes that moment where that Little seedling cracks open and it’s in

Its perfect timing And then it begins to make its way Through the soil to emerge into the Light to where it can experience its Fullness and so that’s what you’re doing So just know that when you’re saying These affirmations and you don’t feel Like everything is working out for you Just know that you’re the sea that you That seed is in the soil and it will Come through and they’ll be there will Be a moment where you get it you know And so really really powerful that’s why It’s it’s important to challenge Yourself with your affirmations don’t go With affirmations that are a big stretch Like coming like being you know like you Make thirty thousand dollars a year and You say next year I’m going to make a Million that’s really you’re really Challenging not that I’m not saying that That could not happen I’m saying what you what you will have To Well you have to move through in order To experience that is Monumental right and so I’d say go for Something a little bit closer in the Room so that you can experience success You know you can experience those little Things because success will keep you Moving up that ladder yep and that uh We’re gonna move on here pretty quickly But I’ll just add to that though uh so

If you found yourself in a rut and You’re experiencing some discontent with Your life whether it’s just it could be Loneliness it could be uh just apathy it Could be fear whatever whatever it is Um you’re feeling that way because of Patterns that you’ve developed Unknowingly probably over the last over Months years and maybe even decades in Your life if you’re middle aged or Whatever Um and so Reorienting or upgrading your operating System takes time and so yeah I’d like To think of affirmations as one of those Tools that you use to start to rewire Your brain your body your body mind and Soul Um and at first you just catch little They feel maybe inauthentic then you Catch a glimmer of it like when you feel Like oh hey I’m feeling good this Morning or this minute Um but then you go back to your regular Ways and you and there’s a couple ways To to if you do have a setback or you Just kind of go back to your normal way Of thinking one way to respond to it is Oh these affirmations don’t work screw It I’m just gonna do whatever I want to Do or you could say hey they’re starting To work it’s like like I’ve had a Glimmer of hope now I just have to Reinforce that and I have to spend as

Much time developing the new brain Patterns as I did all those old ones That are not serving me right so so yeah That’s that’s the reason that you keep Doing this stuff and make it a daily Practice Um and you will rewire create whole new Pathways in your mind in your brain and Your soul I want to just thank our Friend Joe Mitchell thank you You’re a Harvard attorney thank you so Much for sending us a little uh Super Chat there we really appreciate it thank You thank you thank you it’s always Working out for Bob and Pookie we like We like to fix that that’s right I mean Our trip is definitely a demonstration Of that let’s see here I’m just going to Pop into the comments and then we’re Going to show some photos and uh yeah And uh and all that good that cool stuff There’s Debbie saying letting go of old Beliefs yes indeed Um and like and you know you acknowledge Them you acknowledge that the the the The the the painful things in your past You knowledge uh feelings of frustration Um but don’t make them a part of your Story that’s where that’s where um you Can you can get you know some people Just like to tell anyone who will listen About their sad story and all the Challenges they’ve faced tell a new Story I think Abraham Hicks did that

Some years ago they had it was back when They were doing DVDs Um remember it was tell a new story you Know and it’s that’s authentically true About who you are instead of just Hammering away at what went wrong and How all these I haven’t overcome this Challenge yeah acknowledge that but Let’s start a new story uh when we come To California nothing on the plans right Now uh we’re actually uh yeah Um but I would but we’re coming we love The West Coast Um we haven’t been back to the West Coast in a long time we used to go like Twice a year like yeah 10 years ago I Know a music conference I used to attend I know and then Agape let’s see here a Little let’s see if uh Uh oh there’s there’s a nice affirmation From that I experienced success in every Aspect of my life absolutely so this is A great affirmation just know of course That there will be times when you’ll be Challenged in those areas not everything You’re going to do is just going to be You know rainbows and but but to have That attitude or I’m gonna I’m gonna Enjoy the process of pursuing my goals Maybe that even leaves a stronger Affirmations and whatever results you Get you’re going to learn from it so That’s like another way of putting a Spin on it

Um just in case you know there’s so much To learn oh yeah so much um let’s see Here what do we got here Mike Todd there Says affirmations changed my life uh Absolutely they really can be they’re One of the many tools that you can use But they’re really a crucial one that Earlier said best part of Sunday is Dance with pookies I love you Ben this isn’t that so I know Right Brianna I guess she’s referring to This group here the soul tribe now we Got 107 people simultaneously watching We cracked the one the barrier 100 we’re In the three digits now that’s awesome Cool yeah so I will be keeping an eye on A lot of you uh like the line in that Song about the all the lights are green I had green lights all the way home uh There’s a robin like that line too Uh Missy said that’s her new favorite Song Thank you very much oh yeah yeah Yeah cool let’s see here any new ones Yeah sometimes success is to learn to Overcome obstacles absolutely Uh so cool cool cool all right so I Think it’s time for Community photos I Have a bunch of them here so we actually We should dive in let’s do it because There’s some they’re kind of in an order That makes sense to me somewhat Chronological Oh yeah I will do that thank you for Catching that man all right bye bye

Okay Um and so this is oh this is something Uh uh I don’t know Samantha I don’t Think I’ve seen her in the chat but Samantha’s our good friend in Raleigh North Carolina and for a few months now The um first Friday of every month she Hosts a what we call a high Vibe tribe Meetup in Raleigh and this is little Small group that gathered First Friday of November that’s that’s Sam on the yellow glasses on the right I Believe that’s Patricia down there Patricia yes in the uh kind of toward The well bottom second from the the left I think the gal in the green like the Curly hair uh I think her name is Kim I Think she’s been to everyone like she’s Been to everyone last uh three uh months Or whatever and then I’m not sure who The other person is there but uh but Yeah the Gathering of the high five Tribe that’s fantastic they needed a Starbucks uh yeah the first uh Friday Yeah an hour and a half which turns into Well it’s actually it’s scheduled for One hour she said they were there for Like two and a half hours yeah yeah and So just so just know if you come to one Of those events you know if you have Things that you’re planning after that Of course after that hour go and take Care of what but if you are so fully Engaged and loving who you’re meeting

And you’re just like drinking deeply From that well of joy and Bliss then Stick around and you know and get to Know each other better because I’ll tell You one thing that we do need as we’re On this journey of of Um recreating our thoughts you know and How we see the world is we need people That see the world in a very similar way Right we need that those people to kind Of be with us a lot because like when You start talking this like affirmation Language if you start talking around People that aren’t aware it just sounds Like you’re they don’t know how to Support you how’s that and so but when You have when you surround yourself with People that are like Engaged in the same kinds of things that You are then you can find support and For me I need support I need I’m a Community person support is is really Important and the in-person uh Gatherings like that are really really Powerful yep they are because it gets to Connect your like energy All right so Um let’s see oh so this is a photo I Think from back in August we never Showed but I want you to tell the story Of this particular person that you ran Into this is Maria So beautiful so I was I had been called To Ohio to pray

And this was the very first day that I Was there you’re at a place called Serpentine Serpent Mound yes star Knowledge conference and uh they do a Ceremony every Solstice and Equinox and So I was there uh for the fall And this beautiful being comes running From behind a a tent and she’s like Pookie Lee And she get and she’s oh my gosh I can’t Believe it’s you and she says I follow You and Bob on YouTube and Bob has Helped me so much and so I she’s just Just absolutely delightful she’s so Adorable and she’s just sharing her Heart sharing her story her journey with Me and it was so inspiring that I Decided to give Bob a call Right in that man well we took a photo First I’m like look who I met well he’s Never met Maria before yeah but I’m like Look who I met and then she was just so Like she was just so excited that I said Okay wait a minute I’m gonna do one Better than this so I called him and I Facetimed him and so she actually had The opportunity to say hello to Bob that Was very very cool it was way cool in Ohio it’s just like this amazing what Happens you know like we don’t really Know you know even in this this tour That we just we just did where we went To Southern we went South to Florida to Florida there were so many people and we

Got to hear their stories and their Stories are all so profoundly Transformative when like If for me it was like just such deep Gratitude for Um the way because we just don’t know And you’ll never know either the lives That you affect with the energy that you Share right but we actually had a First-hand experience of being able to Hear people reflect back to us how Profound our our presence in their life Has been right the supportive aspect of Of how we encourage you to be your your Best most authentic self some of those People we met are in the chat here right Now like like Elisa Um so let’s I’m gonna keep this Rolling Along here so this is actually going Back to a previous trip again I grabbed These off of your Facebook page I hope These folks don’t well and you already Have publicly posted them but this is Remember this group of people oh my gosh I do remember them that was Mexico we Were at the resorts south of Cancun in Mexico yeah early God was it October I Remember it’s a whirlwind of activity But those are some of the folks we were Hanging out with there that was fun uh God it seemed so long ago after the Florida trip I know right it’s a similar That was breakfast it was the last Morning I think before we left yeah that

Was the morning before we left so yeah a Lot of cool high Vibe people there too Um okay now now I’ve got photos from the Florida trip this this was I believe on Our way uh this was in Sarasota our last Day in Sarasota on the way to a photo Shoot where hopefully we’ll be showing You some photos that our friend Circa Took Um but you took this in the car did you Not look at this look at this gorgeous Photo oh yeah that was me on the way to The photo shoot I was like so excited to Have a professional photography wow then This that was just taking with her phone In the car I on the way there but look At that uh well of course the lighting And everything is great but the with the Radiant Beauty uh That is a wonderful photo I love that Photo let’s hear some comments or let’s Read some comments here about what you Think of this this photo uh oh I see Another person that we met here Karen Karen I haven’t I have an extra photo of Her too yeah that was that was a Gorgeous a gorgeous photo all right oh Speaking of she’s actually next Karen I’m so glad that you’re here because uh We showed the photo that we were taking With the palm trees or whatever in the Background but this is one that Pookie Took at the table when we uh oh look It’s so happy it’s so cute the

Lighting’s not perfect but we yeah this Was a very intimate Gathering was this Pookie me keoni and Karen it was perfect We sat there for like almost like two Hours I know we had we eat we had when It was time to go we were running to our Cars because our oh the parking parking Was up and you don’t want to take it in Hollywood Florida We do not want that so it’s so great to See Karen there and then a couple of Nights later uh we already showed group Photos of this but I just wanna I know She I know she said she’s a regular here In the chat hopefully she’s still here But there’s a photo yeah Danielle this Is so fantastic she surprised us she Didn’t tell us she was coming I know I Had no idea she just showed up I looked At her and I’m like oh my gosh I Recognized her and so it’s beautiful so So happy that you’re uh that you’re here With us today too it was so sweet oh my Gosh you guys are amazing and someone I’m pretty sure we’ve talked about her Beating her I don’t think we’ve shown Any photos yet but this is these are a Couple that you took of who are these oh That’s nunyan Oakley that’s beautiful That’s her daughter and that was at the Uh on the on the patio Yeah the villages so that was yeah and That there was a beautiful story that Just to hear that just such a deep

Connection in in our hearts space There’s noonia right there So it was so they were just it was just So wonderful and there’s another oh Wonderful like it like it they’re so Adorable and I do believe that’s either Her mother-in-law or her stepmom and it Was just such a beautiful treat to be With them they were just absolutely Divine and it was so cute because they Were in naldo’s we pretty much filled The whole patio with people many of them Have never even heard of us before they Were just coming for this concert However at that particular table they Were they were singing our music so I Was like okay It was funny because early early on when We started you know playing songs and And all that I I just I wanted to get a Kind of read of the crowd you know and So I said how and our friend Joanna did A heck of a job uh she promoted the heck Out of the other thing so first I asked How many people are here because you Heard about it from Joanna a bunch of Hands went up and then I said uh how Many of you are here because I already Knew there were some people that that Knew how many of here are fans of Pookie Bunch of hands went up and like Everybody else anybody here as a result Of hearing about it from my YouTube Channels like crickets

So actually then you said she discovered My affirmations and liked them but Really connected with uh with with Pookie when she discovered her on these Lives so I get it like I said before They come come for Bob they stay for People okay so it’s so good here’s some Other here’s a couple more people from That naldo’s who are these oh my gosh That’s Michael and Lauren and now these Two beautiful beings remember that photo That you saw when I was at Serpent Mound With Maria they were there too and so You can see he has he has this uh Alternate universe t-shirt that t-shirt Is a Serpent mount t-shirt ah all right You can see the serpents around the Heart that’s the mound in Ohio that the Our ancient relatives built they can’t Date it it’s just so old and so they saw That I was going to be Um at naldo’s and they were actually They actually uh travel around in an RV And they were in the area and so they Came by and that was a total surprise They don’t live there they were passing Through well he has family there so they Were coming down there for the winter Okay okay cool yeah so they’ll stay in In Florida for a few months and then They’ll take off and they travel around In a RV a converted ambulance a Converted an ambulance into an RV it’s Really fun that was awesome that’s so

Awesome here’s somebody we hung out with A little bit there you want oh my gosh There’s Janice so you know I talk about Unity Earth and it’s Global community of People that have a vision for our whole Planet and they they’re big Visionaries Like they have big big ideas and this is Janice Hall and she is one of these People who has just come so passionate About helping people and she works with A lot of Native American wisdom she Works a lot with the um Aboriginal People in Australia and they’re all also Doing a House of Hope in in the Ukraine For the refugees that are coming across The border and so she just came back From being in Poland and in the Ukraine Just recently as she is doing you know Collaborating with other Visionaries and Creating safe places for people that’s Great and then we I don’t have a photo Of her mom but her mom’s like 94. 93 93 He’s been living in The Villages like Third she’s a hoot she is she’s really Sharp mental acute she’s very very smart And on no meds which is like It’s unbelievable right it’s very cool Vitamins so one day uh when we went into A Barnes Noble to get some coffee with Our friends and I think I don’t know if Joanna struck up the conversation or how What oh no I think what happened was we Ran into this young lady and look at the Shoes she’s wearing the exact type of

Shoes maybe that was that’s what started The conversation yeah and then this Beautiful being just it’s just This yellow was just like radiating but It was it was like even the dress was Even though the dress was yellow her Magnificence was outshining that Brilliant bright yellow she was just Beaming and it was so cute and then then First I noticed her and then we took a Look at the shoes and like oh my gosh We’re shoe sisters so yeah she was Adorable she actually has found us on Social media I don’t know if it was Joanna or somebody because she’s always Hyping us up you know I don’t know if She started the conversation they have a YouTube channel oh yeah maybe she was Trying to get her to come to naldo’s or Whatever yeah they have a popular YouTube channel blah blah blah and she Asked like what is it where can I find It and a lot of people say that you know When you’re out yeah I’m gonna look it Up I’m gonna look you guys up and sure Enough she did she commented on one of The videos and said this Pookie’s twin All right now you you uh we showed some Photos of you of your mermaid Adventure In a video last week but uh but there’s A couple more photos of Lara who we’ve Known for three years but I love did you Take that photo of her and her dog that Is an awesome photo for so many reasons

Um and Laura and the blue in the Background is it all like this is like It’s perfect yeah so that’s her or her I Guess her dog is how old he is he’s 14. Doing really good yeah and yeah and it Was yeah and that this was another one Of those like amazing Stories and I know That each one of you has an amazing Story right and so it was just such a it Was such a a a really wonderful treat to Spend the day with Laura and the Funniest thing is I couldn’t it was like Shocking to me that she looked just like My best friend from college in 1987. oh Really and her name was Stacy Hamill and I mean I was like I kept looking at her And like even the teeth I mean you’ve Got it all like the sparkly eyes and Your cheeks and the way that your nose Wrinkles and I that even your teeth are Like her teeth Oh my gosh it was just so crazy here’s Another photo of oh yeah that was the First time I ever put a wetsuit on ever And it was so much fun this is when we Went to go swim with the man the Manatees right it’s so amazing so it was Just one of many people that we met for The first time on this on this trip Here’s a little collage photo of The Villages so there’s Joanne with Pookie Who uh instigated this whole thing and And invited us to to put us up in their Guest house and you that middle photo on

The right is the uh that’s the house That we stayed at right and above that Is uh her husband Jesse we had our Guitars we were uh we were jamming a Little bit together and then on the Bottom right is me in a golf cart Getting ready to go to the pool yeah She’s doing a good job everybody gets Around in golf carts there we had access To our own golf cart yeah it was so much Fun oh my gosh yeah it’s great great People great great timing like we just I’m so thankful to them for giving you Know allowing us to enjoy that Experience and extend ours that’s why we Extended our stay you know from 10 a 10-day road trip to like 16 days yeah You don’t have to leave you can stay Till tomorrow if you want to it’s Totally unrelated to our travels but I Just saw this on your Facebook page and That said I’d share this because well Check out this photo oh that’s my mother My sister and me and those are my two Sons Andrew in the middle there and Matthew that was taken in Hawaii maybe I Was taken in Hawaii last year about a Year ago yeah and I posted that picture Because I’m gonna go see my mom here at The end of the month in a couple weeks Um and then this this whole thing Emerged where I’m going to be going to Japan with my mother and my sister to Teach hula my mother is a hula teacher

On the island of Hawaii And she has been called there by her Students she has a hello there and so We’re going and this is my first time my Sister’s been many times but this is my First time going I’m going to Japan That’s a huge wow isn’t that amazing wow I’ll be holding down the fort here I Know I probably will not see you while I’m in Japan but I will be taking Amazing pictures and I’ll send things to Bob to share with you yes please we’ll Figure out we’ll figure out ways so um I Want to encourage you uh also yeah so Those were I was extended Community Photos here uh and we got more fun stuff Coming up uh and some serious stuff too Um but I want to encourage you all to Get if you’re not all ready to get on my Email list uh which you can do where oh What the heck here we go uh let’s go to I’ll give you Six free MP3 downloads just as a little Bit of an incentive to get on the list Because I’m going to be sending out more Emails Uh as if you need more emails but these Are going to be good ones because Pookie And I are we’ve been kind of T are Letting you know that we are formulating Some new plans Um some ambitious things yeah coming Down the pie they are and they’re They’re still not solidified but I’ve

I’ve got some more things I want to Cover with you that I came up with we’re In a creation process yeah right now and One of these I mean I’ve teased it Before but one and one of them we are uh Uh we have this process that where I’m Referring to right now as the personal Transformation matrix it has like three Different components and it’s basically Taking everything that we’ve experienced In our own personal development growth The things that we’ve taught and Mentored people you know through the YouTube channel through our Live Events And so on and through our 30-day Programs the turbocharger life programs That many of you have uh enrolled in Over the last three years Um is taking all these different Processes and tools and put them into an Order that that makes sense for us to Really highly impact your life uh and so I’m gonna be covering different aspects Of that in a series of emails that are I’m going to be sending out And we’re still formulating how we’re Gonna We want to kind of streamline and Simplify uh with the things that we can Offer you outside of YouTube and one Possibility I don’t know just again I’m Just spitballing here so this is nothing Is set in stone but I like this the I Like the term turbocharger life we’ve Been using that as the as the overall

Umbrella term for these 30-day programs But Um there’s an idea in the works where we Might make it like a year-round Community and maybe there’s like three Different levels that you can Participate on depending on where you Are in your life and how much of a boost You need Um and so that’s something that there’s Things that we’re exploring we’re just Exploring so don’t get too excited about Any of it yeah yeah make it all change Really quickly it could it could be Completely different by next month yes Absolutely because you know what here’s The thing you stay open to inspired Ideas right right and if you close Yourself up and you think that you’ve Got it figured out then when something a New idea comes to you you’re not open to It and you know then it gets to go to Somebody else and then they get to Experience the magnificence and the Wonder and Bliss of that idea but at Some point we have to lock it in so that We can yes to have a specific salad Thing and it will get locked in here Pretty quick I think by the by the by The beginning of the year yep and it’ll Be clarified yeah more so so yeah get on The email list because I yeah if you’re On my text list that’s great I just send Out the little short inspirational but

If you want a little more meaty in-depth Things and links to new videos and and All that stuff uh the email list the Latest because it’s going to be it’s Going to be happening pretty pretty fast So new new fun things Dynamic things so Get on that list uh again and then once You go there it’s really easy to see how You get on the list and get the free MP3 Downloads all right so Um let’s talk about this topic here We’re going to talk about it we’re gonna Play a song and then we’re gonna do some Affirmations and then after that a Special edition of The Comedy Corner oh So you definitely want to stick about Around for that okay so the title here Is you don’t need to be fixed You’re not broken so pookie I’m gonna Kind of hand it over to you because you Inspired this because they are part of The lyrics of a song we’re going to be Doing oh yeah but what uh what does this Mean to you you don’t need a lot I’ve Spent probably I mean even when I met Bob You know we’ve been together for 17 Years now but I had this belief that There was something wrong with me and That um I needed to be fixed and so I Spent so much time in personal Development courses and reading all These things trying to figure out what

Was broken That needed to be fixed so that I could Live my life as a happy Being like you know an experienced joy And all the good things right and Um so I thought that there was something Wrong with me like inherently wrong with Me so I was just looking outside of Myself For the answer And not finding it not really finding it Right because I didn’t I didn’t really Know that I was asking the wrong Question right we have to pay attention To the questions that we’re asking to People Right Um because you know uh how it how it is That you’re presenting anything you know Like if you ask a question of why is it That I’m always struggling or why is it That I never have any money All right guess what you’re gonna get Answers to why that is is those are Those the answers that you’re looking For Right so be careful of even how you’re Starting to ask the question of Uncovering some of these things So I had and I had been so what it also Did is it led me to attach to different People like I’d find this person and They would be like I would follow them Because they had like this message or

Whatever but there was something inside Of me that wasn’t that wasn’t Aligning to what I was I still didn’t Get the message And then we went to Um Agape on June the 1st 2008. let’s Tell them what Agape is so Michael Bernard Beckwith runs a church called The Agape International spiritual center Out in the Los Angeles area he was in The secret he’s an author may not have Heard of him he’s been on Oprah all this Stuff and we went to see him for the First time on what was the date it was June the first 2008. that’s right it’s Funny because we all we remember that Because it was a pretty Monumental it Was a Monumental day it was the day that That I was set free Is like he just went and he opened up That that little latch on my cage and he Pulled the door wide open and he said You’re free and what happened was is he Gave a message of that you’re all right Already that you’ve never been broken That you were born perfect that that if You have this thought that there’s Something wrong with you it’s just a Screwy thought that you have but it’s Not true you know and so I remember just Having like this extremely Powerful Release in that moment of like oh my it Transformed everything for me it allowed Me to see myself as a whole being and it

Just it was just that I didn’t yet fully Understand what all that meant but but I Walked out of there knowing that I was All right already that there wasn’t Anything wrong with me you know that I That I was absolutely born perfect you Know and and that that Divine Perfection That I entered this world in in that State of my my baby and the moment that I came into this Earth that was the Essence of who I am and it was still There it just got all these layers of Cultural programming parental Programming All these thoughts all these layers of Trauma these things just kind of laid Over the top of my Divine Perfection and These things started emerging where I Started having these feelings or these Thoughts like I’m not enough I’m not Worthy there’s something wrong with me I Must be broken Can I even ever be fixed you know this Might be a good time to uh reintroduce My windshield analogy I’ve shared it a Couple of times here but I think it’s a It’s a good one uh and basically imagine That you either have a brand new car or Maybe you just like washed and detailed Your whatever your your vehicle is and It’s uh sunny day and you’re taking it Out for a drive you’re enjoying Everything but suddenly though this this Uh the storm comes in the dark clouds

Come come in and you’re I mean like on a Gravel road or a dusty road uh and it Starts pouring down raining and it’s Windy and suddenly your windshield gets Like Caked Up With uh with muck and and dirt and You’re having trouble seeing and then The rain goes away but you still have The stuff that’s like drying and Caked Up on your windshield and you can’t Quite see and and what if in that moment You would say to yourself oh I got to Take this car into the shop there’s Something wrong with this windshield It’s faulty it’s it’s got It’s it’s so I Need to get this windshield fixed Because it’s just not working anymore I Can’t see where I’m going uh I’m no Longer enjoying this this this this ride Because I got a a a a malfunctioning Windshield would that be an accurate way To assess what’s really going on no the Windshield is perfect it’s it’s in the Same condition it was before the storm Came through it’s just that it’s been Covered up with muck and now your vision Is blurred and you’re frustrated by it And you’re blaming it on the windshield Instead of pulling over and just wiping Away the muck so that you can see Clearly again uh I think it’s a great Analogy for what what happens when you Feel like there’s something wrong in Your life you blame yourself right you

Blame there’s something wrong with me Because I can’t figure this stuff out When really your perfection’s just being Covered up by years of negative thinking And hearing negative uh messages from The people in your life just like the List of Pookie gay and many other things Um and so don’t look at it yeah you’re Not broken you’re fine you’re perfect You just to the work of self-development Is not fixing yourself or filling a hole It’s just clearing away that muck which Is actually part of the first stage of This peeling off all the things that are Not you all the lies that you’ve been Told stories you tell yourself yeah Right these stories like that you’re a Victim you’re not Yep and so that’s so the first step in This personal transformation matrix Which we’re going to be teaching and Clarifying is part of our new thing We’re going to be doing in the in the New year is healing is like asking Yourself think of an area of your life Or desire that you have uh or something An unfulfilled aspect of your life and Go what is holding me back you gotta you Have to first uh instead of just going Right into positive thinking and Covering it up you gotta analyze what’s Holding me back what is the belief here Uh that’s stunting my growth in this Area

Um and and where did that come from Where how what triggered me to feel that Way so a lot of it is really Introspective work and healing that part Of you uh that’s the that’s part of that Muck that’s covering up what’s brilliant On the end on the end on the inside and So you do that I mean yeah that’s kind That’s not like you do it once and it’s In your and you’re yeah you’re done it’s A constant process but if you’re not Asking if you’re just jumping right into Positive thinking without first figuring Out what the blocks are Um you may struggle longer you know Right yeah yeah because because it’s It’s one thing to gain an understanding But there’s something that when you take Action right that activates the Understanding that’s when you start Learning and I’ve heard people say oh my Gosh why do I have to learn this lesson Again and the answer is Um wait a minute you never learned the Lesson the first time because if you Learned a lesson the first time we Wouldn’t be back here doing this again Right so you never learned the lesson so If you have things that just keep Showing up in your life over and over Again it’s not that you have to learn This lesson again is that you have to Learn the lesson for the first time once You actually learn the lesson then it

Really does kind of dissipate now it Might creep up in a little Echo Sometimes right because we’re used to to These voices Um speaking up right we’ve listened to Them long enough that when we when we Actually kind of put them in the back Seat and and ask them to take a nap Sometimes they start talking in their Sleep and they’ll say things to you like You don’t know what you’re doing you Know and and so for me it’s like I Thought because I couldn’t figure it out I mean it was like 45 I was 45 years old I still was struggling so I was Beginning to have this belief that I was Stupid and I was dumb that I couldn’t Get this that there was something Inherently wrong with the way that my Brain like your brain will tell you all Kinds of you have to be careful you Know and so like it’s not true and so I’m going to point to something which Has been very powerful for me in my Journey of un like asking those Questions because we want to ask the Questions of ourselves Right like where did this show up so This is an in inner dialogue an inquiry And I can think of no one who does it Better in this realm than Byron Katie And she has this process called the work Where you actually ask yourself you you Put up the statement of of your belief

And then she has this four-step process That you go through and by the time that You get through her four-step process You you have the ability To unhook from that belief and to get Free from it Byron Katie her process is Called the work uh she’s got she’s Written some books loving what is Um A number of different ones I remember All the questions I know what the first One is is it true whenever you have a Belief you ask your first question is is It true okay so we’ll take an example so My dad I never met my father so I grew Up with disbelief but my dad didn’t love Me right because he I never met him I Don’t even know if he held me in his Arms so over the longest time I believed That my father didn’t love me so the First question is so what is this Statement my father doesn’t love me is It true is it true And yes it’s true my dad wasn’t around He wasn’t there I don’t know that he Never supported me he never showed up in My life and then the second question is Is it really true you’re absolutely can You absolutely be certain that your Father never loved you and so then I get To go oh well wait a minute Well I cannot absolutely know for Certain That he did not love me I cannot know

That And then I’m like oh so I cannot know that he didn’t really love Me so then that kind of unhooks that Thought of my dad never loved me so not Only oh I ca and then she asked This Brilliant question of who would you be Without that thought How would your life be different So um if you’re struggling with some Beliefs that you need to unhook I would Direct you to that work Byron Katie she Had an amazing journey she’s she can’t She she got all of her um All of her wisdom she she earned every Bit of it she went through a hellacious Process in order to be able to help you Liberate yourself yeah for sure so look That up because there’s I think a series Of four or five questions I think Another one is how is your life impacted By continuing to hold on to that belief Again this is part of that deep Introspective work and then yeah I Really liked like the one how would you Like how would your life be different if You let go who would you be if you let Go of that and if you realize it wasn’t True Um and then you start to have some Realizations like oh my god wow I can Never know that my dad didn’t let me so I’ve been angry at this man my whole Life because I thought he didn’t love me

And I cannot know that that’s true and Then so from that perspect perspective Then I began to have like deep Compassion for my dad like wow I might Want to find him and and Create the opportunity to experience Love from him so it’s just you know These are these are Um we all have it So stop thinking of yourself as being Broken you don’t need to be fixed you’re Perfect you’re just the work that you Need to do or you should if you choose To is to uh uncover the muck and do some Do some deep introspective work about What’s holding you back what those what Are those beliefs when they come up Acknowledge them examine them figure out If you can what the root is uh but and Then Start replacing them with a new Soundtrack with an overwhelm them with The way you want to think the way you Want to live the way you want to feel Um so and those things it’s an ongoing Process of every when the negative thing Comes up oh this is interesting what’s Triggering that why am I feeling that That way oh and also related to the the Windshield thing especially if you’ve Been driving on the highway and it’s Really your windshield is really dirty If you could stop at a gas station and Use one of those washers like the first

Time you go over it you might get half Or more of it brushed away but there’s Still residue like there’s things that Cling on more especially especially even Take a little bit more yeah and so That’s the same thing yeah even though It’s it’s if they’re still there you’ve Still done the work to clear away some Of it uh and then just keep going back And keep cleaning cleaning cleaning it Up you know the best you can and that Your vision will get clearer and clearer Through that windshield as time goes on All right yeah You ready you want to do a song yeah so This is a song that you wrote about this Very topic I’m gonna do the song we’re Gonna do some affirmations and then We’re gonna lighten things up okay all Right but here’s a really cool song Pookie he’s inspired to write very Autobiographical [Music] All these people all my life And then telling me I ain’t right that I’m no good and I’m broken And there’s no hope for me For years I thought it was true But now foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m finally free

I’m free to be me [Music] I’m walking [Music] These voices loud in my mind I felt lonely Beating Dead I couldn’t see my own life [Music] Out of the darkness I Heard a Voice in the night you are Worthy and divine And now’s your time to shine I don’t Need no fixing cause I ain’t broken you See there’s nothing wrong with me I was Born perfect you know I’m perfect Expressing all my divinity Yeah [Music] I’m afraid of me [Music] I’m all right already [Music] Don’t need no fixing [Music] Don’t need no fixing [Music] [Applause] [Music] You know Those people they didn’t know Because if they didn’t know they Probably wouldn’t have said those things To you so

We just we just open up our heart to Compassion for them and for ourselves as We’re on this healing Journey To discover our own Beauty our own Magnificence our own divinity Wow such a Miraculous Journey that’s so Liberating and free Whoa those people All my life I’ve been telling me I hate right that I’m no good and I’m broken And there’s no hope for me oh for years Believe them I thought it was true But now I know better [Music] Yeah yeah [Music] Fake you know I’m perfect Oh my Divinity I’m finally free [Music] To be me [Music] I’m free I’m free to be me No no no no no no need no fixing Cause I ain’t broken Foreign Either That was awesome wow this was a good one That’s so good so it’s true we just have These crazy thoughts that you know and I Always said you know like I made like Maybe someone said something to me like

You’re no good you’ll never imagine Anything maybe they said it to me once Or twice in my life but then I am the One that repeated that in my own mental Chatter over and over again I’m the one That dug the groove I’m the one that Hooked on to that that belief and I’m The one that anchored it into me so you Know that’s what these affirmations do They help to unhook that belief and so That you can create a new groove right Because Bob and I were just having a Conversation the other day and you know Where I used to think that I wasn’t Smart and stuff like that I’m sitting There telling them I am a genius I am so Smart I am so intelligent I am I am a Master Right right Bob yes totally Because that is my that is what I know To be true I am so smart so smart I am So intelligent And and can you feel that conviction From me like can you feel that I believe That For myself and it’s true I do believe That and there and I had a story where I I thought I was Dumb and there was Something wrong with me and that I Couldn’t I couldn’t understand these Concepts I wasn’t intelligent enough to Heal myself right right and now I am so Smart and you’re so smart it irritates Bob something you can you can own that

But uh you may not have to announcements Of the world every time you would give a Chance there’s a quiet confidence that I Like to exude well I would walk it Through I am brilliant people will start Looking at you a little funny but no no No no and there are moments when you Have to declare that self that for Yourself and and it’s about it it wasn’t About It was about the my own internal Acknowledgment yeah of who who I am and How I see myself right it’s it and it Was a statement that was that was Um validate it was validating for me Yeah yeah right I’m not out here going Oh I’m so smart I’m so intelligent Listen to me folks you know like I have To I don’t I I can only tell you what’s what works For me and point to those things and Maybe they’ll work for you and there’s No guarantee because we all have our own Process you know so like there is no one Way to do anything there are infinite Ways of getting anything done right and So it’s just like figuring out what’s Going to work for you we deal with some General concepts so that you can kind of Break it down into a smaller directive That works through your But that’s a brilliant affirmation to do On your own yeah yeah with this this I’m I am smart I am brilliant you know it’s

Like a little little talking to yourself Yeah um come to Jesus moment perhaps Yeah okay we have some affirmations that Uh you’re gonna recognize these phrases Because they I took them pretty much Borrowed them from the song uh well Let’s go ahead and do them here I’m Gonna do you want uh do you want to say Each one and I’ll repeat it since They’re kind of from your lyrics all Right here they oh that that’s not it It’s this one here here we go oh I got Some fall colors going on there I love It all right all right so ready there You go I’ll repeat that first and you’re Gonna repeat it here we go I don’t need to be fixed I don’t need to Be fixed because I’m not broken because I am not broken There is nothing wrong with me there is Nothing wrong with me I was born perfect I was born perfect Today I expressed my Divinity today I Express my Divinity I’m all I All right I am free to be me I am free to be me yeah baby Yeah baby yeah baby so so I know from a Traditional purist affirmation Standpoint that those first three are Kind of have negative uh you know yeah I Don’t need to be fixed you would

Generally not word your affirmations I’m Not broken you would focus on I’m Perfect and whole and complete but I Just thought Um but since we just sang this they are In the song and so as long as you have The right uh mental framework of Pronouncing them yeah there was nothing Wrong with me a lot of negative words There it’s all good but yeah as long as You perceive them in a way that’s Empowering then then those will be Helpful for you Um but uh but yeah so like everything Yeah my affirmations are just Suggestions you can reword them in the Ways that work for you yeah um and where You’re at that particular time so that Was fun all right what the fun and uh um Well not yeah part of it was fun part of It was meaningful and serious and all That but I think we do need a little Sense of levity here it’s already a Quarter after 10 so we need to get Through the rest of this oh I have saved Oh my gosh we got two different things That we’re going to be doing here Um so uh a couple of months ago I said You know what might be fun to do with Bob’s comedy Corners maybe Um is made because back in the when we Did our July weekend event Um we did it’s so hot jokes and we had Each of the people that were in the room

Come up and they told their own joke and I loved that Community aspect and so I Was thinking how can we recreate that And so I I had made a plea I said hey if You want to if you want to send in a Little video clip of yourself telling a Joke Um go ahead and do that Um and only one person sent in any any Videos And she sent like seven of them So so it’s perfect so she went out for The rest of you so even though it’s just Not firstly we do the standard Introduction of this everyone loves this Little theme song so here we go it’s Bob’s Comedy Corner So that’s what normally would happen uh But here is a little clip from our Wonderful friend Deanne here is Diane’s Joke reel In case they get a hole in one People keep telling me that I need to do More lunges it really would be a huge Step forward Singing in the shower is fun until you Get soap in your mouth then it’s a soap Opera What do you call a fish wearing a bow Tie So fishdicated Hey what’s Sprinter eat before they race Nothing they fast How does a Lemon answer the phone

Yellow Hey how come a nose can’t be 12 inches Long Because then it would be a foot Let’s let us say grace Let us pray How do you get gorillas to like you Act like a nut Squirrels love me Let’s hear it for Diane’s Comedy Corner Right there Is that awesome that’s so fun those are Adorable I love how she did each clip Was like a different setting a different Angle she’s laying down she’s she’s got It looks like she was playing a live I Think when I was doing solo I know it Would have been somewhere you were Somewhere off and running so thank you Deanne let’s give her in the chat let’s Give her some some love let her know how Funny those were Um and uh well delivered I’m I’m yeah I’m uh I’ve got like like that’s there’s No cop competition here but But you that was awesome that was great Dan I hope you’re here uh oh it was oh There’s you are so thank you for sending Those and she said those in weeks ago But we were traveling so much I wasn’t Able to put this all together until last Until last year inspire you yeah so uh But um so I thought that I have some Other jokes too I could have just left

It at that Um but I wanted to do so there’s this uh This person that I follow on Twitter and She goes by uh Mariana z Um And she uh she’s always putting these Word plays and puns in her tweets so I Actually went back and looked through Some of her her tweets and uh and and I Was gonna they’re all puns in wordplay On various topics just like Diane’s Words are you ready for this This is more I’m not yeah this is this This one has to set up it’s not more of A it’s not a question but I was just Telling people here uh the other day Folks uh Pookie tripped and dropped a Basket full of freshly ironed clothes Yeah I just sat back and watched it all Unfold So again a lot of these are statements Uh I don’t want to brag Um but uh I uh I finished a jigsaw Puzzle in only one week and it’s set two To four years on the box Two to four year olds okay yeah oh last Week a wizard asked me to proofread one Of his Scrolls actually it was more of a Spell check Spell check okay uh Um oh this is a good one for this this Crowd Hamburger Helper only works if the Hamburger is ready to accept that it Needs help

Oh I’m really sad Pookie because someone Broke into our house what and stole my Globe your Globe it meant the world to Me Okay this is what this is one for uh Maybe uh I don’t know some of the Some of the single people out there but If your girlfriend comes home Wearing a white jumpsuit smelling like Honey and covered with bee stings you Know she’s a keeper Thank you I’ve overheard this it’s not you it’s me It’s not you it’s me that’s the sound of Twins going through a family photo album [Music] [Laughter] Oh my gosh uh after dinner last night uh Folks uh Pookie asked me if I could Clear the table I needed a running start But I made it Oh my friend my friend Joe recently went On a Dolly Parton diet it really made Jolene Jolene Jolene Jolene Okay all right two more gosh oh did you Hear spooky in the news that thieves are Going from store to store shoplifting Clothes in size order they’re Shoplifting in size order police say They’re still at large [Applause] And finally what’s the difference Between a vegan and a computer

Programmer I have no idea one is disgusted by a Rack of lamb the other is disgusted by a Lack of RAM And that ladies and gentlemen thanks to Mariana Z that concludes this This segment of it’s Bob’s Comedy Corner Bob’s Comedy Corner There you go Alex and gentlemen so we Have a double dose of uh of of word play And great great stuff there uh We got remember Owen he’s he’s in the House here hey Owen Owen’s been doing This like 100 push-up challenge thing to Raise money for for a uh a children’s Charity or or something he’s been Posting in the turbocharged group oh That’s awesome that’s really cool Because it’s good to see you Owen a lot Of people are laughing at the Jolene Hamburger Helper a lot of LOLs Let It Be Oh cute jokes okay all right awesome Where are we at oh we gotta wrap this This up let’s see here where are we I’m Going to the bottom of the see what I Missed here with the comments should you Be wah uh Uh why why do why do why do fishes why Do fish not use Facebook because because They don’t like like the network uh Uh I think we’ve had enough jokes for Now All right cool cool so um well let’s uh Head into the stretch here I got uh I’m

Gonna play a song that we all know and Love once again uh if you don’t already Please subscribe to the channel and We’re not at 305 uh thousand subscribers Here on this YouTube channel we really Appreciate that when you have a chance Please expand the description below you May on a digital device you might have To click the title and then click a Little read more thing to to expand it Um but there’s all kinds of links There’s links to Pookie’s Channel There’s links to uh how to get on the Email list how to get on the text list And all kinds of stuff how to how to Sign up for the 30 days uh uh to Manifest any more abundance course and Other other things in there so take a Look at that at your leisure I’m also Going to just remind you again we’d love To have you uh I’m going to be sending Out more emails on this whole personal Transformation matrix uh the little Little aspects of it in the coming weeks And months and so uh sign up with an Email address that you check and we’ll Bombard you Um but I’m gonna be sending out I’m Gonna be making better use of that for More longer form content and linking to The things you know the new videos and All that good stuff so you can always Stay in the know just go to

Sign up for that and I’ll even give you Six free MP3 downloads just for your the Two seconds that it takes to sign up for It make sure you go to your inbox right Away though and click a confirmation Link that so if you don’t do that you Won’t get any of the emails so that’s a Two-step process there sign up and then Go confirm that you want to get them With the yeah with the welcome email That can come to you uh I’m gonna play I Am capable powerful wonderful and strong Let’s do it it’s dance time and while We’re uh playing this I want you to post In there what are your takeaways we Always like to end with this so what are Your takeaways what are you gonna use uh That uh from this conversation about you Don’t need to be fixed you’re not broken Uh we would love to hear how this is Impacting you and what kind of stood out For you So all right you ready we’re gonna play This song and I think we’re gonna be Able to watch Pookie dance and me I’m Going to DJ the comments too so I’m Going to be posting some comments as we Go if I’m not mistaken uh and so here we Go [Music] I hope you’re ready to get energized Claire To the beat Repeat them back to yourself that’s

Right So you can I am capable you can sing Affirmations too [Music] Powerful I am strong Say them again I am capable Powerful I am wonderful I am strong Now Move Your Body Now we’re going to say those Affirmations again only we’re going to Sing them One two three [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Now that you know the words Let’s run them closer together back to Back One two three I am capable [Music] Oh I am wonderful I am strong I am capable I am powerful I am wonderful I am strong Sing it I am capable I am powerful I am wonderful I am strong Yes I am capable I am powerful I am wonderful I am strong Move Your Body

Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Capable I am powerful [Applause] I am wonderful I am strong Now Move Your Body Feel the energy Foreign [Music] [Music] Breathe You are capable You are You are wonderful You are strong Dance it out Feel it It’s your truth Back to affirmations I am capable I am powerful [Applause] I am wonderful I am strong You Are I Am capable Yes I am powerful Yes [Music] Oh I am strong Now double time I am capable I am powerful I am wonderful I am strong

Yes you are am capable I am powerful yes I am wonderful I am strong so strong I Am capable I am powerful I am wonderful I am strong yes you are I am capable I Am powerful I am wonderful I am strong One more time Move Cruise Shake that thing Your thing I hope you’re having fun Freeze All right I think we’re gonna end it There shake your thing That’s me trying to be cool All right thank you so much boy oh boy We went the whole uh how many how long We’ve been on here good good we’re in 32 Minutes We’re doing it so this was this was fun It’s going to be back in our home studio With all our normal stuff here right um And uh so we uh thank you for joining us We hope you resonated with this message Today Yeah we certainly and then next next Sunday it’s going to be all about Gratitude that’s right Thanksgiving That’s one of the hot it’s Pookie’s Favorite holiday it is my absolute Favorite holiday I think I have a Feeling I know what one of the songs are Gonna be oh yeah yeah it’s a girl bugger Attitude all about gratitude all right

Have an awesome week uh get on that Email list and exciting things are Coming down the pike and uh yeah have an Awesome day an awesome week we’ll see You again soon Next Sunday if not before all right so Long for now bye

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