What are the benefits of gratitude? Why gratitude is so powerful

What are the benefits of gratitude? Why gratitude is so powerful

The Power of Gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving from Bob Baker and Pooki Lee. Recorded during a recent live Zoom call. What are the benefits of gratitude? Why gratitude is so powerful. (c) 2022 Bob Baker and Pooki Lee. #Gratitude #Thanksgiving #Grateful #Thankful

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0:00 Pooki Lee on the Power of Gratitude
3:48 Bob Baker: why gratitude is so important
5:11 The four categories of gratitude


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The topic is gratitude but pookie I know It’s your favorite uh yeah theme your Favorite holiday of the year do you want To uh kick off a conversation about the Power of gratitude why it’s important What it means to you in your life why is This holiday and that topic so important To you I just want to say I’m grateful For the space that we create here Together that we’re able to really Connect deeply into our heart space Like we have to be grateful for it all Right we have to be grateful for the Good and for the not so good Right and it’s kind of hard not to be Grateful for the not so good Right but if there was no contrast in Our life if everything was just always Wonderful all the time do you know how Boring that would get it would really Get right because we just you know and It’s this whole thing of like just Living life in the flow in the flow And so when we have these moments when We get into these difficult places and Spaces you know that’s the time when Gratitude really can serve us the best It’s like coming bringing back to Ourselves all the things that we’re Grateful for and what we’ll find is that As we begin to express that gratitude And feel that gratitude It changes our state of being so as We’re moving through these difficult

Times we’ve changed energetically the Cells in our body So that we can move through this in a State of grace In a state of flow and and and at times In a state of ease and what gratitude Also does is gratitude is powerful in Calling in new things like being Grateful for what we already have or What’s already present as we are calling In something new and exciting you know It’s that whole thing of like being Truly grateful for what we have it Always brings more gratitude is the Floodgates to all that we desire it Really is I see gratitude as like you Know it’s it’s powerful affirmations are Powerful because we’re stating Our Intention we’re reprogramming our Reprogramming our mind But gratitude is is like being in that State of gratitude allows the universe God whatever it is that you call that That creative life force this energetic Feeling it allows that to just come it’s Like oh like this being is so grateful It excites the the intentions of that The Universe to come and get more give More give more You know and so it’s so powerful Gratitude has been there for me in very Many many many many deep moments of Transformation and you know and Sometimes I would get lost in my own

Pain You know and the thing that would pull Me out was to start looking at what I Was grateful for start looking at the Good because it’s looking at the good That’s in our life sometimes we get so Overwhelmed with what we think is going Wrong or not right that we’re not Looking at the good and then once we Begin to look at the good it can Overwhelm those feelings of what’s not Going right You know so gratitude liberates us it Sets us free it frees us up from our own Conditioned thinking it allows us to to See our lives in a whole new way to see Our relationships in a whole new way and Our relationship not only with with Others but our relationship with Ourselves which is the most important One right yeah so so many things to be Grateful for I’ve often said that yeah Gratitude is like the foundation of Personal transformation or personal of Personal growth at the starting point And if without that yeah it’s hard to Build the other stuff on top of that Foundation and so the yeah the first the Most basic aspect or way to Express Gratitude is the one we’re probably most Familiar with which is counting your Blessings and being grateful for the Positive things in your life you know For the and the simple things too the

Air that I breathe the Sun is up but Also I like to break it down into Categories of the people places things And then personal growth I’ll talk about Those categories in a moment but green Yeah being grateful for the good in our Lives but also I like that you brought Up being grateful for the things that we Look at as challenges and hurdles and Especially in hindsight we see the the The value that came out of them it’s so Much that came out of them then there’s Another thing I think I did one or two Videos on this about gratitude in Advance you kind of started to touch on It there where uh there may be things That haven’t manifested yet but you’re Moving toward them and you’re holding a Vision for them and you’re grateful like No just like a sense of knowing that They are on their way and that you will That thing will happen if it’s meant to Be or something better it might happen But being grateful in advance too of Your aspirations so there’s all sorts of Ways that you can use this and it just Sets the foundation for more to come in To your to your life and you can build Upon so I love that The thing that I suggest that you do is That these four categories people places Things and I’m just the fourth category Is personal growth but people it’s kind Of obvious what your friends it’s your

Family it’s your co-workers your Neighbors anyone that you interact with And there are many people hopefully in That category that you can be grateful For and even the people that annoy you And challenge you you can be grateful About right uh whether those are friends They’re teaching you something they’re Teaching you something pay attention you Learn something about yourself places That would be your home that would be Places that like you like to vacation or Like a park you like to go to maybe a Meditation room in your house or but Yeah think of places that you that are Grateful they exist uh physical spaces And of course things be your car could Be the computer it could be anything That you own years but all got all the Many we are so blessed to live in an ERA With so many luxuries and conveniences That much of the world doesn’t have that But you know so being grateful that you Even have you were born into to a Society that where you have those Niceties if you will and just a phone if You think either your iPhone or your Whatever the Android whatever it is that Compared to what life was like 20 years Ago it looks like amazing you know and I’m just so grateful gosh thank God for YouTube huh And the audio video equipment so those Are things you know

Um not that we’re accumulating things But there are things to be grateful for And then the fourth category which I Think many people Overlook when they Express gratitude is your own like Internal attributes this could be your Talents you know Deanne could celebrate That she’s going and sell it and doing Art you know um but what what are your Have you had insights lately uh some Area of of growth a new skill that you Learned this is more of an internal Personal yeah what are you grateful About yourself I mean you should just be Grateful that you are you’re alive and That that you you realize your value but Pat yourself up on the back there well I I read this book and I put something Into action and I’m a better person Because of it that’s something to be Grateful for too and again I think it’s I thought it’s one that we often Overlook we’re looking outside of Ourselves for the things to be grateful For but turn within and give yourself Some credit too

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