Raise Your Frequency Music | Sunday Inspiration LIVE w/ Bob & Pooki

Raise Your Frequency Music | Sunday Inspiration LIVE w/ Bob & Pooki

Raise Your Frequency with Music! – Sunday Inspiration LIVE! with Bob Baker & Pooki Lee! A global family gathering, Season 2, Episode 28 – Get a free PDF ebook copy of Bob’s ”Passion Principles” when you purchase $10 or more of our music from this page

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0:00 Sunday Inspiration w/ Bob Baker & Pooki Lee
9:03 Pooki’s Centering Breath
14:37 Meet Us in St. Louis July 15-17
17:45 Original Song: ”Now Is the Time”
27:27 Get on the Text List
29:36 Special Music Offer July 10, 2022
33:25 Viewer Comments & Shout-Outs
39:48 Community Photos and Videos
51:05 Help Pooki Grow on YouTube
53:53 Original Song: ”I Can Do This”
1:01:41 Raise Your Frequency with Music
1:16:10 High-Vibe Music Affirmations
1:17:45 Song: ”Everything Is Always Working Out for Me”
1:23:54 Bob’s Comedy Corner: Wizard of Oz Edition
1:32:16 Original Song: ”Opening Up to the Good”
1:36:01 Final Thoughts & Takeaways


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