“I Welcome Joy Into My Life” MUSIC VIDEO | Bob Baker & Pooki Lee

"I Welcome Joy Into My Life" MUSIC VIDEO | Bob Baker & Pooki Lee

Welcome to the official music video for ”I Welcome Joy Into My Life” — featuring joyful dancers from around the world. Includes affirmation music, happy songs, inspirational music, positive music, upbeat tunes, joyful noise, positive energy songs, happy morning music.

The song is (c) 2020 by Bob Baker and Pooki Lee
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Video editing by Andrew Stephen and Eightfold Productions

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Dancers include:
Alexandra Kaven, Cologne, Germany
Alison Maxfield, New Jersey
Anna Skurko, Slovakia
Brenda Oliveras, Palm Springs, California
Cari, La Cala de Mijas, Spain
Cecilia C. Smith Barrett, San Bernardino, California
Chantel Jovon, Darby, Pennsylvania
Cindy Brown
Doralee Olsen, St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. G , Atlanta, Georgia
Franziska Fisken, Vienna, Austria
Goddess Alex, Detroit, Michigan
Holly Ann Thyagarajan, Melbourne, Australia
Ingrid Papankova, Holic, Slovakia
Jessica Ramirez, Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico
Joyce & Derek D’Arcy, Williamsburg, Virginia
Karen Witt Reynolds, Belleville, Illinois
Kelly Peplinski, St. Louis, Missouri
Kevin Colis, New Braunfels, Texas
Kim Johnson, Webster Groves, Missouri
Madison, New Braunfels, Texas
Maria BonDurant, St. Louis, Missouri
MiMi Mclean (Mirelle), Sumter, South Carolina
Mishy Katz, Phoenix, Arizona
Natalie Gelman, Ojai, California
Quincy, Netherlands
Roy Ivey, St. Louis, Missouri
Simi Manuja, Gurugram, India
Swati Bhalavi, Mumbai, India
Theresa Masters & Larry Kornfeld, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Valery & Vanessa Robbins, Vancouver, Washington
Vassiliki, Athens, Greece
Verostonys, Dimebox, Texas


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