I Am Grateful for My Life | Thanksgiving 2022 Celebration w/ Bob & Pooki

I Am Grateful for My Life | Thanksgiving 2022 Celebration w/ Bob & Pooki

I Am Grateful for My Life | Sunday Inspiration LIVE! Thanksgiving 2022 Celebration with Bob Baker & Pooki Lee – A global family gathering, Season 2, Episode 47. Get on Bob and Pooki’s VIP Email Alert list and be the first to know about exciting new developments

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0:00 Sunday Inspiration w/ Bob Baker & Pooki Lee
4:37 Pooki’s Centering Breath
10:18 Viewer Comments & Shout-Outs
17:55 Original Song: ”Grateful for My Life”
27:08 Community Photos & the Email List
29:18 Our Next Big Thing?
31:19 Main Talk: I Am Grateful for My Life
46:30 Gratitude Affirmations
49:07 Bob’s Comedy Corner: Funny Thanksgiving Song
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58:35 Original Song: ”Opening Up to the Good”


I am opening up to the good I am opening Up to the girls [Music] Dance with us in the forest [Music] Here’s the chorus sing along I’m sorry it’s not we got a good love Line before we can do Right Now the chorus here we go [Music] Good morning [Music] Oh yeah are you opening up to the good [Applause] I’m always open to the good Good that is my life All right the song goes on you may hear That again before we sign off today good Morning everyone this is our PR our the The Sunday before Thanksgiving so Gratitude gratitude gratitude it’s all About gratitude today that should be Part of Bob’s Comedy Corner oh I’m not Sure what that means Crystal but Here we are coming to you from I don’t Know if it’s Sherwood Forest but Something yeah we’re out here in the Fall here in St Louis Missouri great to See you all here we’re super excited to Be sharing our thoughts on gratitude and Seeing what you’re grateful for today Yeah I’m grateful to be here share with All of you wow it’s so amazing as we’re

Getting ready to go into and uh the the Closing of another magnificent year Right and so we’re headed into Thanksgiving that’s here in the United States in other parts of the world it May be very different but we’re moving Into Thanksgiving and then we have Christmas and New Years and so this is Just a a high time of Celebration And it can also be a high time of other Things too that’s right right and so We’re here to just love and support you Through it all that’s right those of you That know Pookie you know that this is One of her favorite this is her favorite Holiday my favorite her favorite topic Too so we’ll we’ll dive into that a Little bit later uh and so uh yeah yeah This still just as an FYI this is that Sunday where we uh have to head off and Perform not far from home here uh to uh Perform yeah at the Center for Spiritual Living our monthly engagement there at Their Sunday service uh and so we’re Going to keep this to about an hour hey Wait can’t they watch that live too they Can I don’t I’d have to try to find them You have to go to Facebook well I’m not Sure the many places where it streams Live it could be on their website I know It’s on their Facebook page okay so if You’re like if you’re one of those People that just like dig in dig and dig And can find things like crazy yeah so

We’re gonna be at the Center for Spiritual Living in St Louis Missouri It’s on Fifi road too and they uh they Do stream live and yeah you could join Us there yes indeed but if you want to But we’re here with you that’s right Let’s focus on getting through this one First and making an amazing experience For everyone I’ve always sees so many Familiar faces in the chat we’re going To be acknowledging some of you many of You as many as we can uh but yeah this Is like a lot of regulars here you know You know it is like a family reunion Everything And we have new people too that are here For the very first time so if that’s you Please put it in the chat that it is Your first time and where you’re from so That we can celebrate our connection all Over this beautiful Earth that’s right I Already saw someone in the chat from Florence Italytop Kitty that’s awesome yes so uh Yeah definitely let us know those two Things if you’re not a regular or uh Then let us know where you’re watching From and if it’s your first time and we Will acknowledge you do our best to try To catch those those comments and Acknowledge you as we go along here Pookie why don’t you get us centered so Uh I’m gonna play instead of playing the Guitar I’m gonna play a little acoustic

I’m gonna play a little pre-recorded Thing because I have my variety of Guitar Reasons I’m not gonna just do That and why don’t you get us I’ll bring Us all into uh synchronicity here if you If you will Wow Hey put your hands on your heart right Now and just feel that beating heart Within you Um Wow so beautiful It’s like if you can feel your heart Beating That vibration That’s moving into your hands There’s hands of Love This Heart of Love Every cell in your body activated in Love And love is the power that heals the World [Music] So as you have your hands on your heart Maybe you’re feeling A deep connection But that love that is within you I know I am And whatever you’re feeling in this Moment just allow it to be as it is [Music] As I connect deeply into my heart space I feel just such a deep gratitude that This Beating Heart something that I pay Little attention to throughout my day

Continues to send the vibrations of love And healing into the world so grateful For this beautiful heart Yeah [Music] And as we feel that love that’s Radiating into our hands right now Let that energy that love just go Through your hands and into your entire Body just filling you all up with this Beautiful Dynamic healing energy of love [Music] And maybe there are some places in your Body that you need a little extra love And you know where there’s where those Are Just see This love just moving into those spaces And just embracing Whatever it is whatever it is Embracing that part of your being And just enveloping it in this love Is love [Music] So grateful and so grateful And feel your entire body being Activated in this beautiful Dynamic Energy of Love of love and gratitude Gratitude gratitude thank you thank you Thank you [Music] And now I’m going to ask you to do Something that we’ve never done before But I want you to take your hands and I

Just want you to move them to the screen And these hands this vibration this Energy of love that you’ve been feeling In your hands I want you to send it out Through this channel This frequency send this love out to all Beings everywhere who could benefit from This love that you’ve just activated Within your own being and we send all This love to every single person who’s Watching this right now Right now [Music] And then we send love to all of the People in the world that are not Watching this right now And then we send this love to all of the Animal kingdom This Love This Love And then we embrace all of nature the Trees the water the mountains Our beautiful sacred Mother Earth in This love [Music] Yeah and then we just Express deep Gratitude for the power within us to Express this love in this way and that We can send our love anywhere in the World to anyone at any time And that this is powerful [Music] All right let’s just take a deep breath Together [Music]

Do that again we’re gonna do it three Times One more time [Music] Now take your hands back to your heart Say thank you thank you thank you For this beautiful love that emanates From within my being And with my intention to bring healing To the world I am so grateful So grateful Put our hands together like this And we just bow to one another In a deep honoring Of all those that are present Here in this now moment Throughout all of eternity And so it is and so it is That’s awesome a little abruptly stop The music there sorry about that Um that was beautiful pookie I was in uh I was half getting into what you’re Saying half keeping an eye on the Comments just to see all the wonderful Comments coming in in here it’s the Highlight let’s highlight a few of them Now uh before I put we play our first Song Jessica Ruiz good Grand Rising good to See you check this out Crystal oops let Me lower this down here the right spot There we go uh Crystal nature from Sedalia Missouri our home state home

State welcome Crystal further south of Us in St Louis we got Stacy here our pet Whisperer Here oh Paula Santo do you know what a Palo Santo stick is I’ve not heard of This oh yeah so it’s um it’s something That that when we’re in sacred ceremony We burn and it has a beautiful scent and It it comes from the earth from the Mother and Um you know there are many different Different things that are burned in Ceremony like Sage you’ve heard of sage There’s all kinds of sage there’s Palo Santo there’s kopal and they all have Different meanings you know for when is Appropriate to burn them sweet grass and So it’s beautiful thank you for bringing Palo Santo into the circle today thank You so much for that Stacy yeah and look Karen she says howdy from Houston Texas So you’re not you must you’re not in Your normal uh East Coast uh Location right I didn’t I I didn’t know that it amazes Me how Bob can remember all that stuff Well this is is this the same Karen That’s I think it’s the same Karen she Uses two different last names I think It’s the Karen that was on the correct Me if I’m wrong but yeah it was on the Zoom call yesterday but we love Karen we Love all Karen’s yeah even though they Have a bad rap with you know the short

Hair complaining to the manager and all That stuff this is not that type of Camera we don’t we do not group people Like that by name because otherwise Bob’s could have a bad reputation you Know depending yeah Hey blessings to you as well Danielle Look it’s Anna from Santa Rosa Welcome Anna she was part of one of our Programs uh I know a lot earlier this Year I think yeah welcome it’s good to See you again and Robin check this out Her dream I don’t remember if you did it Either uh Robin but her dream poetry Book now available on Amazon that is so Cool I don’t remember if you mentioned It either go ahead and put the title in The chat here just so we so we know what To look for yeah share that with our Community do you use the name there as Your author name on Amazon sure I always Like to promote other authors uh welcome To the club reading a book is a big deal That’s a commitment I haven’t written One yet she started years ago like years Ago I think I’m about to co-write it with Her to get her to finish it This we have yeah we have a title yeah In well that she started years ago that We need to dig up the file for it but It’s all about how to live in more Places I have it all yeah uh tinika Hello and welcome to first timers thank

You for for greeting them here Carissa Good morning from Columbia Maryland oh Welcome Carissa tomorrow flipped into my DJ voice there welcome from Columbia Maryland caller number one Uh Hey Debbie’s here let me get uh Something that’s uh not uh referring to Somebody else here Uh Uh let’s see Curly it’s our first time here welcome Florence Italy a curly top if you don’t Mind if you want to share your actual Name so we can call you we’ll call you We’ll call you curly top whatever you Want if that’s what you want Debbie says I’m grateful for all of you oh yes and I Don’t know oh deanne’s greeting yo yo yo Yo Sunday inspiration peeps if one yell Wasn’t enough actually actually Sunday Inspiration Posse if you’re gonna say yo Yo yo next next month it’ll be ho ho ho Oh yeah oh yeah Look Mary Rose says Thanksgiving is her Favorite holiday too what do you think About Mary Rose yes absolutely I love Gratitude and if that dude we’ve seen a Lot lately hi everyone grateful for this Soul celebration greetings from Puerto Rico I love our Southern neighbors our Southern relatives down south Sheree From our area just south of St Louis Where they got some snow down there we

Didn’t get any here yet but um just not That far away but they got snow yeah the Snow is beautiful as long as you want to Drive around it oh I see curly top is From Florence yeah maybe we established That earlier yeah from Italy uh Sandy Good morning to you as well good morning We are grateful for everything oh Welcome br And there’s Lisa being an ambassador Welcoming the first timers to the uh to The to the to the club here yes welcome We love that Hi Amira good morning to you as well oh There’s Nunya Nunya I love some Nunya She’s so amazing oh it’s such a deep you Know it really makes a difference when We get to meet you you know and spend Time and so we had that opportunity to Meet Nunya and Oakley and it was just Really really beautiful you know it’s Like not that you’re not all in my heart Already but when I meet you and I press Your heart up against my heart something Magical happens like this Divine spark You know so absolutely pretty Ebony Eyes Uh good morning she is opening up to the Good Wonderful welcome pretty Ebony Eyes Hello Melody nice to have you here yes Melody it’s so good to see you again Monica Light and love to everyone yay Is it Raj rajni Stockholm welcome I’m assuming

Oh do we have new admit do we have Matching outfits it kind of they’re not In real oh We were we were trying to get out get Like Thanksgiving fall-ish type of of Earth Tones but hopefully I guess maybe We did we we nailed it fashion wise Uh let’s see here and oh Joe says great Meditation Pookie love you guys back at You Hey Joe Dion’s got snow to spare up There in Upper Upstate New York uh Uh oh Robert hey Robert this Stefano Good morning from Dallas Texas Dallas Wonderful nice to see you rob Um Let’s see here Joshua hey Joshua Nice to see you here Joshua all right Cool let’s continue on let’s do a song Shall we okay let’s do it uh yeah and Actually it was it was kind of a No-brainer on what songs we’re gonna do Today and so and we actually need to Write some more songs that’s right Around gratitude and Thanksgiving we Will do that little by little we got a Lot of our plate here yeah lately maybe We’ll just barely touch on that That’s okay but we’re staying really Busy that’s good it’s a good kind of Busy you know the end of the year kind Of busy that you get into right it’s Like this is the Calm before the storm Right the Calm before the storm so if You’re in the United States this is

Where You can get into a highly activated State right with all of the holiday Planning and the parties and the Christmas parties and all of the Gatherings and the events and all the People so this is like the Calm before The storm oh it’s already storming what Are you talking about Let’s do a little song on gratitude okay That’s an original song Case those of You who might not know that fact here we Go My heart is full of gratitude [Music] Side My heart is full of gratitude Flowing deep inside I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life With every breath and step I take I’m Blessed to be alive With every breath and step I’d say come Blessed to be alive I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life I am so grateful I am so grateful I am So grateful

Now I am so grateful I am so grateful I Grateful now I am so grateful I am so grateful I am So grateful now I am so grateful I am so grateful I am So grateful now [Applause] With every day in so many ways I know How loved I am [Music] Throughout each day in so many ways I Know how loved I am I am grateful Faithful Grateful for my life I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life My heart is full of Gratitude Flowing to [Music] My heart is full of Gratitude Flowing deep inside I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life I am grateful Grateful Grateful For my life I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life I am grateful Grateful Grateful for my life

[Music] Um Right in the pocket with that one That’s awesome we released a uh we had a Clip from earlier this year of doing That song live on a Sunday that I that I Edited as its own Standalone video and It’s uh had a few thousand views and a Ton of comments about it so we’re so Glad it resonates with Oh yay because I Messed up on that one oh I didn’t I Didn’t hear it I know you didn’t but I Knew it who heard it oh okay it was one Like one word at the beginning of one of The verses but I don’t think anybody it Was not a place at all it wasn’t a Mistake it was just it was just I was in The moment it was an impromptu it was Yeah moment of inspiration yeah so you Know there were times in my life when I Would like totally like judge myself Harshly for that like oh my God God everywhere everybody knows yeah and Now I’ve just pointed out laugh about it Because you know what we’re here that’s How we learn is through our mistakes and So I’m grateful for my mistakes but most Other people do not even uh recognize Your mistakes whether you’re on stage or In a social situation or whatever so It’s all in your head so you actually Don’t even didn’t even need if that Helps for you to say that you made a Mistake just so everybody feels like hey

I’m not alone in making mistakes that’s Right don’t be it that’s right but you Don’t need to but you don’t need to Point it out yeah there’s a kind of a Common thing with performance like don’t Apologize from stage if something goes Wrong just like make a joke about it but But don’t sit there and go I’m so sorry I’m sorry I’m gonna sing a song that I Haven’t practiced in three years yeah You don’t don’t do that from the stage You just sing it just do it uh all right Here we go Clara good morning from Edmonton Canada Happy Thanksgiving to You Claire is in the house I think she posted something on I think We’re friends on Facebook and she has a Was that you that has a new like haircut Or you showed off your curls or Something like that I saw how fun girls Are so much fun I love curry I think That was that was Clara uh got so many People to keep track of you know they All come you all start blending together Maybe it was Dave who was who was Talking about his curls I don’t I don’t Remember wonderful Dave lifted the Spirit this morning uh oh after a virus Took me down for a day okay well look Good you’re on the on the men only for One day well maybe you could feel that Day when we were sending out that Healing love to everyone Linda says thank you yes I am grateful

Graceful she said graceful graceful oh Oh nice nice little play the onwards There love this song says Melody that is Really cool Mercy says good morning bless one so Grateful to connect yay yay and we love Being connected to all of you oh look at Cherie they’re grateful for every second Of this beautiful song Beautiful Life She said So uh Kavita good to have you here wait That’s Joanne oops I’m sorry I clicked Oh hi Joanne thank you for all the Hearts I’m clicking one thing I’m looking over Here and it’s showing up over there There’s Kavita I’m pronouncing your name Right so cute uh let’s see here all Right fun to be human right Carrie says good morning good morning Carrie there’s our friend dawn little oh Don love Don oh Rob and all this oh like I’m getting a cavity with all these Sweet comments here That’s so nice of you all Um oh look at this uh from Moscow Yay welcome I’m glad so glad that you Could join and I wish we you know I see Your name so in in the United States There’s a name it’s called Valerie but I’m sure that it’s not pronounced like That Valor I said an hour and I Oh yeah I’m not sure yeah well anyhow we Welcome you from Moscow thank you for

Being here with us Roxanne from Quebec Canada in the house Uh indeed awesome cool and most people Are saying they didn’t even notice a Mistake of course not of course they Didn’t well I didn’t make a mistake um They’re just saying different words So it’s obvious that we have do you have A few first timers here that is so Fantastic maybe more so we gather Together some of our friends uh recently And told them you know they’re so first Timers they’re showing up and just I Don’t know they always randomly said What do you think of these people and so Here’s our friends and how they paid Tribute to you for being a first timer Here ready are you ready get set go Whoops [Applause] Thank you Thank you Yeah there we go yep we have some really Cool friends And you’re some of them that’s right oh We got to keep things rolling along here Remember because we have to keep this Short I know so we didn’t get anyone uh We always like to have uh we have a Section called Community photos and Videos where we encourage people to send In photos of yourself doing something Related to what we do like holding up One of our books or uh or even a screen

A selfie of you in front of the the Video screen during a live stream would Be would be fine or if you meet each Other some of you are connecting uh We’re gonna talk about Community more in Just a moment here Um but if you actually certainly if some Of you meet up uh take a photo uh the Two of you or three of you however many Other group is and send that and we Would be happy to share that on a Sunday Um Aspect we just adore so we all don’t Have any new ones but uh this here is a Uh but we had this yesterday we had a Zoom call with a group of folks and some Of them are in the chat isn’t uh isn’t Debbie here sure he’s here he’s here Lisa see I think that’s the Karen Evans And Karen Johnson I think are the same Person I think so okay uh let’s see here uh I Don’t think any I don’t think he’s here I haven’t yes and I haven’t seen Nita Yet she’s often here but but yeah so There was a zoom call that we had just Yesterday uh and um and we love this Connection thing so we’ve been kind of Dropping hints Um in recent weeks or maybe even months That something is brewing here and the Reason we’re dropping hints and not Being crystal clear because we’re still Clarifying it ourselves we still don’t

Know what it is but we’re getting Clearer yeah and and it’s going to come To into Focus Very soon but they’re we’re going to up Level things and we’re gonna have a new Some new ways Um or maybe of specifically new way to Uh to gather together in community Online and uh yeah uh and so uh the State state stay tuned for that Um and actually the best way to be in The know about when we start rolling out This stuff Um uh that is to actually get on my Email list it’s great that you subscribe To the channel here whether you watch The videos it’s great some of you are on This text list that I’ve had for uh the Past year but uh but actually getting on My email list using an email that you Actually check on a regular basis would Be one of the best ways yeah and so to Do that uh just go to my website at Bobbakerinspiration.com Bob Bakerinspiration.com uh and you quickly Figure out where to click and answer Your name and your email address and I’ll even give you six free MP3 Downloads for my archives just for Taking two seconds to do this Um really important as soon as you sign Up you need to go to your inbox and open Up an email to confirm that you really Want emails from me and you’re not a

Real person yeah so if you don’t take That step you won’t get any emails yeah Right from me so it’s a two-step process Yeah and this is pretty common with when You get on email list these these days And so just in case you’re wondering Nothing’s going to change with the YouTube channel we’re still going to be Doing our video we’re still going to be Doing Sunday mornings however we’re Adding some new things some New Dimensions some new experiences Opportunities for us to connect on a Deeper level because the the community That is such a powerful part of what it Is that we create here and and we want To kind of kind of give it amplify it Give it more energy and more Opportunities so we’re gonna stay tuned We haven’t figured out what it all looks Like but just so you know Nothing’s Gonna Change we’ll still be here every Sunday they’ll still be new to YouTube’s Posted every week so don’t worry about Any of that we’re just adding some new Opportunities let’s clarify what you Mean by adding so we’re actually going To be streamlining and have more of a Focus on where where where we want to Congregate and interact with you off of YouTube because to be honest over the Past year we’ve been throwing a lot of Things at you oh I got this course we Have this program I got this book we got

Music we got this and this it’s Bewildering that to us I can imagine how You feel about it so we’re going to be Streamlining things where this is the Yeah this is what we’re doing and if you Want to hang out with us and join our Community this is the place to go so We’re really quickly decided to do we’re Excited as soon as we know We will let you know it’s so fun but you Know what’s really been powerful is like The discovery problem yeah we will let You know it’s so fun but you know what’s Really been powerful is like the Discovery process yeah of like just Paying attention and looking and and so We’re excited we’re excited questions Who we serve how are we serving them how Can we better serve you uh and and get More people in and impact more people And yeah do more good in the world so That’s all and that’s the service of Yeah but this community thing is a big Part of it uh that’s why where can we Establish this community and get you to Interact with each other in a more Robust way and so that’s pretty and we Never saw that coming yeah yeah it’s Been awesome a variety show So uh let’s see so we talked about that All right I think we’re now let’s talk About our main topic here today which is Um gratitude so I’ve uh actually I just Borrowed lines from the song for the

Title of this I am grateful for my life Calling it a Thanksgiving celebration Which is just right around the corner Here in the U.S uh and so yeah we had Already kind of uh uh we discussed this On our uh on that Zoom call yesterday Yes uh and so we can we can actually Cover some of the highlights of that I’ll throw it to you pookie to begin Okay uh why gratitude is why is this Your favorite time of the year or your Favorite theme why is gratitude so Important what does it mean to you and Uh I’ll let you take take it away wow Okay so um there was a time in my life Where I wasn’t grateful for a lot you Know I looked at the circumstances in my Life as as something not to be grateful For you know and as um as I started to Do my own personal journey and started To develop my my my own inner landscape Right as I began calling in and healing Aspects of my being I could see where Gratitude really served me and I could I Could begin to like the the in the the Things that I would um let’s just say Curse in my life before I could look at Them in a new way and then I could Actually embrace them and be grateful For them because I came to the Realization that with all of the things That happened it helps to form who I am It helped to create this being all of Those challenges all of those struggles

Really Um created a lot of my character traits That are very very strong in my being Now right and those all came from times Of adversity so there was a time when I Wasn’t really grateful for a lot and Then I moved into the into gratitude for Everything and I began to be grateful For all of my challenges all of the Times where I felt that you know um I was in despair or stressed out or Struggling and I could look back on all Of those and I could see how those Situations actually helped to forge My journey my walk they made me stronger Made you who you are they made me who I Am and because of those things that Happened now I can share that with Others and and it brings sometimes a Great healing for them because sometimes We have this idea that we’re going Through this alone so gratitude became Really important you know it was a real It was a real big shift for me Um to actually come to this place like Being grateful for my mother and being Grateful for my father who I never knew And being grateful for all of the things That happened to me in my childhood in My life and all the things that I Identified as being like negative and um Not beneficial right I became very aware Of of how gratitude just transformed Everything so then I began began to be

Grateful for all of those things and in My gratitude What I noticed is that I was beginning to heal like on a really Deep level you know and so that’s one Way in which gratitude has really served Me another way is that in in being Grateful for my life and so as I stepped Into this realm of being grateful for Everything and even now some things will Show up in my life and it’s like what Like and then I have to look for what is The true gift what is the blessing what Is there to be grateful for about what Just happened sometimes it’s not really Clear sometimes I have to wait a little Bit I have to get a little away from it Before I can see it but now I know to Embrace all of it and to be grateful for All of the lessons in my journey and What I know is that when I’m open to Gratitude Then I get more of what I desire More good flows into my life when I’m Grateful It’s like it has this tendency to open Up the floodgates when I’m grateful for What I have What I have When I’m grateful for that it opens up The opportunity for more to come Because the universe is like oh my gosh Look at this one so grateful I’m gonna Give more I’m gonna bestow more

Blessings Right because if you know just think About it let’s just say you gave someone A gift And they’re not grateful about it and I Was used to be that person too you know Like somebody would give me something at Christmas like my mother would give me This crazy sweater I’m like I had no Gratitude for it hey so it kind of Inhibits it inhibits The Giver to give To you again because you’re not you Don’t appreciate it but what if you’re Given that sweater and you love that Sweater and that sweater is so amazing You put it on right away and you walk Around the house and you show them how Much you love it it inspires The Giver To give more It’s like oh wow look so much gratitude So much gratitude so Where in your life can you bring more Gratitude can you bring more Thanksgiving because it’s not only going To heal you but it’s also going to open Up with the floodgates for more for more Of the things that you want in your life For more of what you desire You know it’s so beautiful I sat with my Girlfriend the other day Um And you know she just cried she just Cried she said I love you so much and I Am so grateful to see you finally living

The life that you deserve Because she was with me for 25 years This has been a very close friend of Mine she has seen it all you know she Was the one who took care of my plants When I was homeless I still have plants From 25 years ago right and so she was She was just like so grateful that I had That I was finally living the life that I’d always dreamed of And I am and I’m grateful for that And I’m grateful for all of you who come And and and share your energy your time With us You know and I’m grateful for this life And I’m grateful for all of the Terrible Shitty things That’s how I identify them Previously in my life I’m grateful for All of them They were all teachers they taught me Great wisdom Right and so gratitude it is it is um It’s everything I’ve often said and I shared this on Yesterday’s call with our folks Um that uh gratitude is the foundation Of all personal transformation and Personal growth Um if you’re just cursing where you are In your current circumstances Um you’re not in a very good position to Better your life so just appreciating Where you are wherever you are

Um yeah is the foundation that Everything else is built upon and there Are different ways to be grateful we Often quite often when when we’re doing A gratitude journal or or thinking of Things we’re grateful for it’s all the Positive things which you should be yeah We need to focus on the good in fact Lisa earlier Posted something here what is it oh Focus on the good and the good gets Better I like that I’m not sure if you If that’s a term that you came up with That has a rhythm to it focus on the Good and the good gets better there’s a New song and we have to find out where That came from but that’s uh if you came Up with that Lisa that’s wonderful uh And then uh and uh and then Clara said Make your trauma your testimony so so on One hand yes you wanna you wanna remind Yourself of all the good because we Often focus on what’s not working in our World the the people that wronged us the Circumstances the weather the economy Um what our boss did or didn’t do Um and that’s our Focus uh and then we Have to remind ourselves wait a second Life overall is good I’m alive I live in A in a country that you know I’m not uh There’s so many people around the globe Most people have to live at such a lower Level you know there’s so many things to Be grateful for by focusing on the good

What’s hap what’s right in your world so That’s like the the the starting point I Guess with expressing gratitude but this Other level of being grateful for your Challenges and the people who challenged You and the people were a-holes to be Honest Um in your in your life what the lessons That you learn be grateful for that too There’s another even further step that You can you can do uh there’s something That’s called gratitude in advance where There are things you’re aspiring to do Accomplishments goals that you have that You haven’t that haven’t maybe Materialized in their full form yet but You’re grateful that they’re on their on Their way you’re grateful that you’re Pursuing them uh you’re feeling the Sense of gratitude that you’re gonna Have when they actually do material Materialize so there’s all sorts of ways To use this and then another thing we Discussed on the call yesterday that I Just want to share with you is when You’re doing gratitude I like to think Of four core categories of things to be Grateful for and they are people uh Places things and aspects of you um So we always want to be grateful for the People in our lives family friends Neighbors co-workers uh just people in Our various groups and who share Hobbies With you know you know all those folks

So you want to be grateful again for the Uh the people that that are blessings to Your life but also the people that Challenge you yeah that you learn from Places that could be your home that Could be your backyard or maybe even a Room in your home that that’s like a Space for meditation or whatever it Could be Grand Canyon yeah places in Nature places that you’ve visited that Are meaningful to to you like Memories You have of being on vacation are you in Places that you haven’t been to but You’ve seen documentaries or whatever And and know that that place exists so Think the physical spaces Um I’m thankful for the community center For the for the Center for Spiritual Living where we these are all places you Know physical spaces Um that’s the second category three are Things these are objects not that we’re Being materialistic but I am really Thankful for computer technology for YouTube for my phone for my our car Which we love this yeah our Toyota Highlander that we bought a couple years Ago Um so be grateful for all those things Big and small that’s the third category The fourth one and this is the one That’s overlooked all the time although All the time aspects of you be grateful Just to be alive for one but be grateful

For for accomplishments that hurdles You’ve overcome for new skills that You’ve learned for things you’ve created And got into the world Robin I hope that You are feeling an immense sense of Gratitude and patting yourself on the Back for getting your poetry book I Think it’s a poetry book out into the World it’s available on Amazon now That’s huge so be grateful for that be Grateful that Amazon exists you know and Whoever helped you get that book out Um and so uh so yeah what are the things And even if you just had like an Internal Insight or a new new Understanding of the world be grateful For that so don’t overlook you in that Process it’s so important that was Covered a lot there yeah it’s so Important because we Overlook ourselves And we judge ourselves harshly you know And um I will say to you know what if if Some of you are going through some Really hard stuff right now yeah really Really like you feel like you’re at the Bottom Get out a piece of paper and pencil and Write what you’re grateful for that’s Where you can begin to come back And write as long as you can just try to You know like I mean think about it I’m Grateful for color Just think if we lived in a if we didn’t Have color

You wouldn’t be able to see anything All right because what is black what is White They’re not even they’re not even colors One of them is the absence of of light Or something like that and I think it’s White I’m not sure but if somebody knows You can say in the chat but like Thankful for color thankful for your That you can hear thankful for your eyes Like there’s so many things you know That your hands Right there’s so many like if you really Started to get down to it you could Probably begin to write a gratitude list That is that would never end because There’s so many things to be grateful For so if you’re at that place right now Where you’re just sitting in a really Dark space and you can’t see any good in The world Start by just being grateful And that you’re here right now Right and maybe even say in the chat That you’re that person that’s really in A low place right now and let us love You And be grateful for all of the people That will love you And then just start because that is Where that’s where you can begin to come Back right because sometimes it’s really Hard we’re going through a lot of stuff Right now

On a collective you know so individually We’re feeling it too I know I’m feeling It Right and Um it’s a really really powerful it’s Really powerful you know I just saw in The chat someone said I’m grateful for My grief you know and sometimes that’s a Really hard place to get to you know Because we grieve that which we feel We’ve lost But maybe you can look at what it is That you’re grieving and you can bring Out the qualities that you’re thankful For about that Whatever it is a person a place A job or whatever you know so Um yeah gratitude gratitude is really a Beautiful place for healing to begin Okay now absolutely so we’re gonna have To move things along at this point let’s Do some affirmations related to this uh It’s always like to follow up these main Talks says I am the person today needing Two yeah where’s that the last one oh If we didn’t finish that sentence though But yeah it was just sending healing Vibes to everyone who’s struggling uh And also Celebratory Vibes to those of you who are selling Who are Celebrating victories and momentum and Lessons Learned obviously guy Lane is in

Another country because Um left a comment in another language Merci so okay Um beautiful we’re happy that we’re here For you And yeah we’re here for all of you right And that’s really what these messages And these Sundays are about He knows how that how can we show up in A way that is supportive to you and your Journey and your walk you know sometimes It’s it’s really beautiful and it’s Light and it’s happy and it’s fun and And sometimes it’s it’s uh Getting real with you know where we’re Where we’re at and what we’re feeling Right So Let’s do some affirmations though to Drive these points home oh you know how This works I will recite each one and uh You repeat it back along with Pookie After me okay here we go I am grateful For all I have I am grateful for all I Have I am grateful for the people places And things in my life I am grateful for The people places and things in my life I am grateful for the gift of life I am Grateful for the gift of life I am Grateful for who I am I am grateful for who I am I have an Attitude of gratitude I have an attitude Of gratitude and finally three simple Words I am grateful

So take this with you uh feel free to um For the remainder of our broadcast we’re Even though we’re going to be doing some Other stuff here briefly um yeah Post in There what you’re grateful for Um and we will highlight some some of Those and if you’re struggling post Those and you’ll get some love from Members of the community and and from us But it is Thanksgiving and so yeah what Uh what are you grateful for good bad Ugly people places things aspects of you Put those in there uh and we’re gonna Try we’re gonna kind of shift gears a Little bit Um here’s our little segue somebody Earlier a couple of people actually when We were talking about this new thing We’re going to be doing people said how About a variety show and something Somebody said bring back the variety Show but it’s so funny because you know As we were as we were doing a lot of Introspection and going through this Workbook uh about just clarifying Who We Are Who we’re serving how you know we Can serve them better and how to Describe ourselves and then one of the Kind of the fun things that we put down This is probably not what we’re going to Widely use the the sudden share of Personal growth That’s kind of funny for those of you Old enough to remember Sonny and Cher

They had a variety show I think late 60s Early or early 70s Pookie’s got the hair watch here Flip Flip your hair like Sherry you used to Do yeah I’ll Tell You Cher yeah yeah That’s my Sunny Bono really bad Um so all right so uh some so we have an Interesting version of this coming up But let me actually get rid of this real Quick hang on a second And now I’m gonna play our little lead In for a little segment we like to call It’s Bob’s Corner Corner should do What Comedy Corner there you go right There so today instead of telling jokes I’m actually going to be playing a song Uh you might uh I’ll probably probably Play this last year the year before Maybe you’ve heard it before it doesn’t Matter because it’s a song I wrote many Years ago uh that uh that I wanted to Make a song about gratitude and Thanksgiving I wanted to use humor in it And I wanted it to make a point that we Made earlier about the well you’ll see You’ll see what what the point is pretty Quickly here I gotta warn you though This song Um uh it builds slowly so it starts off It kind of ramps up as it goes along Does those hang in there with me [Music]

Um This is a song called uh thankful uh and Here we go [Music] [Laughter] Another thing about this is it kind of Gives you a little insight into the Songwriting process So I’ll explain kind of uh how this song Came about It was years ago this might have been 15 Years ago but yeah I I jot that jotted Down some initial lyrics he picked up The guitar came up with some chords and This was the first verse I sang Thankful for the Summer Breeze [Music] Clouds and birds and trees Thankful for the deep blue skies I’m thankful for the look in a newborn Baby’s eyes Thankful for Mom’s Apple Pie For puppies and Good Times Thankful for bright sunny days I’m thankful for my job and the big Bucks that it pays me I’m thankful I gotta admit the first time I sang These lyrics out loud I thought to Myself man These lyrics really suck I mean what’s not to be thankful about Puppies and Pie and sunny days of course I mean it’s easy to have an attitude of Gratitude about those things but we

Don’t really learn until we truly Embrace everything that gave me an idea And I wrote another verse I’m thankful for my leaky pipes When my next door neighbor’s gripes Thankful for the Cable Guy I’m thankful for the stock I sell when I Should buy Thankful when my car breaks down For those drafty hospital gowns I’m thankful Force being stood up I’m thankful for my brother-in-law who Is a schmuck I’m thankful Now when I sang this verse I said you Know this is honest this is true this is Reflecting real life we really grow Until we Find the lesson and the challenges so I Wrote another verse I’m thankful for bills I can’t pay For thinning hair that’s turning gray Thankful when I lose the race I’m thankful for this stupid look upon My face Thankful for my skinny legs [Music] Oh when I’m when I’m called a nerd I’m thankful for that one guy who Flipped me the bird I’m thankful for all that I have [Music] Good and the bad [Applause] Thankful for sun snow and rain

[Music] I’m thankful for it all the pleasure and The pain Oh God I’m thankful [Music] There you go There’s my isn’t that funny my attempt At combining music and humor to make a Point did I make the point oh you did Babe you did it was fun awesome point I Got a little see there was a mistake There I got a little tongue-tied on the Line the thankful for being called a Nerd and it kind of threw off the The Rhythm a little bit but hopefully I Still got it in there you did it was Good That one guy flipped me the bird thank You so much for that it was so funny uh And so where are we at oh time wise okay Next week we’re we’re on track here Um just wanted to remind you so I hope You enjoyed that and of course this has Been this week’s segment of it’s Bob’s Comedy Corner Should you be wild Bob’s Comedy Corner Should you be wild the phrase became so Popular we had to put it on a mug and T-shirts there we go Deanne just put it In there All right uh so that was fun thank you For allowing me to lighten the mood a Little bit and continue with the with The theme thank you for all the nice

Comments there I’m glad some of you Laughed and most of you everyone laughed Of course Um just want to remind you if you don’t Already please subscribe to this channel If you don’t did you realize that 60 Roughly 60 of the people who watch my Videos are not subscribers of this Channel isn’t that you yeah is that you And if it’s not subscribing you’re Probably right on the on the page now I’m finally waiting for it yeah it’s not Going to cost to get Dives all you’re Doing is you’re letting YouTube know That you love us that’s right that’s it It’s just like you hit that little Button and they go ah oh my gosh this Person loves Pookie and Bob let’s let’s Let’s serve them up some more videos That’s right and you know what they do Then what do they do there and then they They begin to share our videos with more People That could benefit from what we share And you can like speaking of sharing you Can like this video hit the like button And you can share there’s a share button There uh so send it to somebody who you Think could really use use this how do You order a mug I think I don’t well Actually there should be some little Icons around the video here to the merch Store Um that they’re embedded on the page on

The on the watch page uh and so you can Go there and I don’t think there’s a Link in the description to the merch but I could be wrong but yeah on all my Videos You’ll see little things of T-shirts and stuff you just go there uh Look for uh mugs or look for should you Be why and you should be able to find it There none of people have ordered those So and they’re available on t-shirts and Different things too yeah um and so and Again I just want to remind you about The email list that’s where we’re going To get it the word out about this Exciting new chapter we’ll probably be Rolling yeah we’ll be rolling out in the New year Um and so uh get on that email list Bob Bakerinspiration.com I’ll give you six Free MP3 downloads just for taking two Seconds to enter your name and email Clicking submit then go over to your Inbox and look for that email that asks You to click the link to confirm that You’re a real person because if you Don’t do that you don’t get added to the List because I only want human beings And the merch oh the merch is in the Description too okay thanks Crystal I Couldn’t remember what was down in in There Um but get on the email list so we can Stay in touch I’m going to be also Sending out yeah there’s a bunch of

Stuff that’s going on and that’s where I Can do longer yeah uh just some more In-depth stuff about the the things that We’re up to and some of the things we’re Going to be teaching and sharing and all That So uh I think I’m gonna do a closing Song So we had a recording of our the Title track from our album called Opening up to the good I think we should I’m gonna I’m gonna close with playing It live and Pookie will join me and put Your top takeaways also continue to put In there Um yeah click the little notification Bell thank you Debbie uh when you Subscribe uh that will also will it’ll It’ll keep you in the loop more than if You just subscribe only so that’s Another great a great thing so even if You’re already a subscriber you can do That to get make sure that you whenever I upload new videos Um you’ll be notified Um so let’s do this we’re gonna head up Again keep this one shorter than usual Because we have to head off and perform Down the street Um let me put this on that’s okay what Do you want back next week what do you Want them to put in the comments though While we’re while we’re while we’re Doing this what they’re grateful for Well both what they’re what they’re

Grateful for or what you’re doing what Your takeaway was okay cool yeah all Right let’s see here I’m gonna get a Drink Oh yeah because you know gratitude is The is the floodgates to more Beauty or love more Powerful stuff Uh-oh I think so yeah here we here we go all Right Oh yeah Thank you Foreign [Music] I am opening up to the Beast I am Opening up the peace to the peace that Is [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I am opening up to the sun I am opening Up to the song to the song that is [Music] [Applause] [Music] To the good that is [Music] Big hugs everybody I’m hugging you [Music] We love all of the takeaways grateful

For Sunday inspiration a lot of dance Comments there expressing an attitude of Gratitude you will receive more Blessings oh my God look at all these Yeah it’s so true we wouldn’t you know We um we don’t teach what we don’t do Yeah oh God yes you know we live we Don’t teach core principles that we Don’t live by And um that’s just who we are so we if We’re teaching it it’s because we’re Living it and anybody who’s met us as I Spent any time with us can validate that But it’s true very cool uh there’s a Couple questions about our music it’s Available on Spotify so if you if you Look for Bob Baker well if you look for Opening up to the good on Spotify Apple Pretty much wherever they stream live uh You know music uh you’ll be able to find That album and all the songs on that Just look and look for Bob Baker and Pookie Lee in your on your wherever you Stream music you should be able to find It we have another album called Soul Massage on there too that I think you Might like that was our first one that’s Right from many years ago many years ago But folks I would love to stick around More but we have to run because we have Another audience in person in the flesh Audience uh to perform these some of These songs for and celebrate Thanksgiving have an awesome

Thanksgiving yes we’re so we are so Grateful for you and the meaning that You bring to our lives I sincerely mean That I mean we this whole this whole Yeah You don’t you have no idea You know how much joy you bring to us And fulfillment so we’re gonna keep Doing it if you keep showing up and Listening and watching and participating Yeah all right because it’s so much fun It is oh wait wait wait oh oh let’s That’s right keoni she dressed him up oh Is that do I see that word on this Is he got a love oh he’s got the love Whatever you call that Choose loves what it says oh so even the Dog gets dressed up all right have a Great Sunday a great week Happy Thanksgiving talk to you soon all right Bye for now

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