I Am Aligned with My Purpose | Affirmations for Alignment | Bob Baker

I Am Aligned with My Purpose | Affirmations for Alignment | Bob Baker

Say these I Am Affirmations every day to get in alignment with your purpose. Includes meditation, positive affirmations, the law of attraction, bob baker affirmations, life purpose, I am aligned, higher self, meditation life purpose, and more. Words and music by Bob Baker (c) 2022.

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Affirmations to help you align with your Purpose So what is your purpose Well it could be a lifelong mission that You are on but it could also be a Current desire that you have to see a Project through to completion However you define purpose it will help You a great deal to be in alignment with That purpose So what does that mean Well I believe you are in alignment with Your purpose when what you think feel Say and do Are all working together to propel you Toward that goal toward that purpose Being in alignment means you are firing On all cylinders on your mission So let’s recite some powerful Affirmations that will help you get in Alignment Wherever you are whatever you’re doing Just take a deep breath with me right Now [Music] Do your best to clear away any Distractions Get centered And feel free to repeat these back to Yourself in the space provided Let’s begin [Music] I am aligned with my purpose I am tuning into the vibration of

Alignment [Music] Foreign [Music] Alignment all of my needs are met [Music] Abundance flows to me when I am aligned With my purpose [Music] Alignment helps me create the future I Desire Foreign [Music] For the future is becoming clearer My choices are in alignment with my Purpose [Music] I live my best life when I am in tune With my purpose [Music] My passions align with my purpose Everything is working together for my Highest good Foreign Open and ready for new opportunities [Music] Being in alignment with my purpose feels Good [Music] I am motivated by a sense of meaning [Music] Foreign Is conspiring to align me with my Purpose

[Music] My life is moving in a positive Direction [Music] My goals are getting clearer foreign [Music] Life is materializing before my eyes [Music] I am on a mission to improve my life and The lives of others [Music] Foreign Alignment allows me to give back [Music] The right people show up at the right Time [Music] I am now in tune with my highest Vibration Foreign [Music] Good things come to me when I am aligned With my purpose [Music] Joy comes to me when I follow my Bliss [Music] When I live fully it allows others to do The same Foreign [Music] I step into the fullness of alignment [Music] I step into the fullness of my purpose Being in alignment allows me to be my

Most authentic self Foreign [Music] S align with my purpose [Music] I am the embodiment of my life’s purpose [Music] I take inspired action toward my goals My actions create a purpose-filled life [Music] I am grateful to be in tune with my Purpose My vibrational alignment attracts Abundance [Music] Foreign When I am in tune with my purpose [Music] I stand firmly in alignment with my Purpose [Music] I vibrate with the frequency of Alignment Foreign I am in tune with all the universe has To offer [Music] I am in alignment with my purpose [Music] Great job And remember the more that you can align What you think what you feel What you say and what you do With your purpose

With your mission With your goal with the current project You’re working on The more in sync you are with yourself And with your desired outcome The more productive you’ll be The more energized you will become And you’ll see that thing that idea Materialize a lot faster when you are in Alignment So come back to this recording whenever You need a boost or a reminder to align With your purpose This is Bob Baker of Bob Bakerinspiration.com and author of the Book The Power of affirmations and Positive self-talk Have an awesome day Until next time so long for now [Music]

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