How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs | Sunday Inspiration LIVE!

How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs | Sunday Inspiration LIVE!

How to identify your limiting beliefs | Sunday Inspiration LIVE! with Bob Baker & Pooki Lee – A global family gathering, Season 2, Episode 49. Get on Bob and Pooki’s VIP Email Alert list and be the first to know about exciting new developments

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0:00 Sunday Inspiration w/ Bob Baker & Pooki Lee
8:31 Pooki’s Centering Breath
13:42 Original Song: ”Be Who You Are”
18:13 Viewer Comments & Shout-Outs
23:08 Get on the VIP Email List
24:35 Community Photos & Video
31:24 Main Talk: How to identify your limiting beliefs
54:12 Limiting belief questions
57:49 Bob’s Comedy Corner: Planet Mars jokes
1:03:59 Dance video: Set Your Vision Free
1:12:01 Subscribe, Like & Share
1:13:41 Bob’s Power of Affirmations book
1:15:32 Original Song: ”It’s Right Inside of You”
1:20:33 Final Thoughts & Takeaways


Oh when I wake up in the morning I feel so grateful When I wake up in the morning I feel so Alive [Music] When I wake up in the morning [Music] Good morning everybody [Music] You so I wake up wake up Every day look at this adorable picture [Music] That’s right Good morning everyone welcome to Sunday Inspiration live it’s December 4th it’s A season two episode 49 that means at The end of this month we have completed Two full seasons two nearly two years of Doing this streaming rarely missing a Sunday I think there’s a handful you Know a couple of them here and there uh But oh uh I hope you uh I hope you’re Ready for the cuteness of this Background uh we I not only have a Wintry background but we have a new bed For kayoni just for the holidays is that The most adorable thing or what huh go Ahead post your comments there about on A scale of one to ten how adorable is This background here Thank you so much I want to say hi to Jillian and Ivette and Crystal and Megan And bevelyn Um let’s see here

Uh uh life help is in the house too Hypatia and Lisa there’s Jennifer Um is it Nick Hill from from India Welcome welcome so by the way if you’re Watching live or even if you’re watching The uh The replay later please post uh let us Know where you’re watching from and if It’s your first time catching a live Like being here live in person in real Time in person so to speak Um let us know uh that and because we Like to celebrate first timers and You’ll get a whole bunch of Welcome Messages in the uh yeah in the in the Live chat there and if you are watching And you have the ability to pop in a Comment there I know that’s not not Always convenient for everyone depending On what you’re doing and what device You’re on but we would we’d love to uh Love to to connect with you in in real Time Um so you might notice uh Pookie Lee is Once again missing this is the the Second of three weeks in a row that she Will be out of town so real quickly and I’ll be I’m showing some photos of of Her travels in a little bit but Pookie Flew from St Louis to Hawaii where she Goes often where her mom and her sister Live Um and they live in the Big Island and Yes there’s a volcano uh some activity

There uh but most people on the island Are not nearly as worried about it as People outside of the island the news Makes it out to be a lot worse than than At least the locals feel about it Um so she’s safe uh and uh and but now Actually this week uh starting two or Three days ago and for the next few days Or so Pookie is in Japan yes Japan her First trip to Japan going there with her Mom and her sister and they went there To actually teach Hawaiian hula and look Who it is in the chat right now Greetings from Japan Pookie Lee right There in the in the chat Um here is here’s the here’s the crazy Thing because I guess their flight from The Big Island to Japan they cross the International Date Line so she went from Being like four hours behind me uh on on In in time to being 15 hours ahead so It’s actually Midnight Sunday night in Japan uh where Um where we uh yeah So she stayed up late so to be with with Us Shiraz I hope by pronouncing your Name right first timer watching from Florida Welcome great to see you here we Were just in Florida we did a little Tour of the state Um I think someone else said coyote is a 10. all right oh Melody’s a first timer From California welcome welcome the

Pup’s name is kayony yes K-e-o-n-i uh it’s a Hawaiian name not Surprisingly so thanks for asking Um is this Roxanne I guess also for Florida oh that’s that’s cool digital Business garage listening to your Affirmations daily love to hear that Awesome thank you so much oh Maria is Here from Sweden that is so cool uh uh Prashant perhaps uh from India and he’s Also a first timer that is really Awesome awesome cool honey mix prayer Line first time watching live from London in the UK Uh let’s see yeah awesome awesome so Keep posting those crystal says on a Scale of one to ten it’s a 20 for Cuteness the cuteness factor with coyote In the background so Pookie how do you How do you like the background in Keone’s new slug dashing through the Snow yeah there’s a story there maybe We’ll maybe we will share when uh when She’s when she’s back in town oh I did Pronounce your name correctly that’s Awesome Hello Lisa and uh who else we got here Deanne is up what’s up Sunday Inspiration party people that’s right It’s always a party here on Sundays uh Uh Utopia good morning welcome Watching as usual from Michigan and look At Pookie here I’m so grateful to be Here celebrating with you

I got some photos of their their uh of Their of their travels that Pookie sent Me that I’m going to share in a little Bit here oh there’s Holly Ann from Melbourne in Australia I think I’m not Mistaken oh no it’s maybe not quite the Exact it’s similar to the time zone it’s 2 A.M in Melbourne but it’s midnight in Japan so So yeah uh I’m sure Pookie will have Some stories to tell about her Uh amazing that the Big Island Keno Erupted well it’s flowing it didn’t like It’s not even well depending how what’s Your definition of erupted is Uh I’m assuming this 100 is on the Cuteness factor of one to ten yes indeed Coyotes love coyote sled Thank you Lisa That’s that’s great oh first timer from Italy oh we got this I we described this As a global family and it is and we’re Just amazed every week and we see all The different countries that are Represented here so yeah let us know What especially if you’re outside of the U.S Um let us know let us know that Yes he is warm and cozy he’s pretty he’s Pretty he’s pretty chill And he’s been sleeping in it uh I’ve had It out out in the uh On the on the couch and he goes to it Quite often Pookie says don’t you just Love it coyote is so cute he needed that

Sleigh and we it was something we saw at The pet store for like And we kept like saying now we don’t Need that that’s just like but but we Had but she had to get it last week During a Black Friday half off sale so That was that was that was that was that Was good Um so even though Pookie is in um uh Let’s see in uh Japan and uh in a whole Different country Um I have uh we I have a couple of Pre-recorded things here here so here’s What’s in store we’re gonna in a moment Here I’m going to do a uh uh Pookie’s Gonna get us all centered and uh a Little breathing exercise for takes a Couple of a couple of minutes that was Recorded in Hawaii earlier this year I Got a couple of original songs some Songs that I wrote yeah many years there You go and I’m going to share with you Today I’ve got the uh we’ve got a little Video dance party of Our Song set your Vision free oh I’ve got Bob’s Comedy Corner wait till you hear the theme for For that coming up a little bit later on And then we have a pre-recorded segment That Pookie and I recorded before she Left for Hawaii and Japan uh all about How to identify your limiting beliefs You know there’s one thing about Replacing the limiting beliefs but Unless you’ve done really the work of

Identifying what they are and we go into Depth about that in that pre-recorded Segment so I know we have some Community Photos I’ll be sharing photos of uh of Uh again cookies Adventure in in Japan And a little little video there for that Well you’ll you’ll see it’s at the top Of a very tall Ferris wheel but let’s Queue up right now let’s get centered Here she explains what exactly is going On here in the beginning of it so I Don’t I don’t have to set it up any more Than this so just watch it and enjoy This pre-recorded earlier this year in Kona Hawaii And I wanted to take a moment to share With you the sacred breath of Unification you know every Sunday Morning when we go live on YouTube I Like to Anchor us together in this Unified breath where we activate our Living life force Essence together Together at the same time so I’m here in Hawaii here graced by this beautiful Mother ocean and in this we are going to Breathe in the essence of Aloha and then We’re gonna also exhale the essence of Aloha into the world so are you ready We’re gonna come together in this sacred Holy Breath Right Now breathing in Deeply into the core of your being aloha And then exhaling [Music] Aloha

Breathing in deeply again Aloha Exhaling Aloha One more time deeply into the belly Aloha And then releasing with that sacred Breath that High Spirit of aloha Thank you so much for breathing together With me and with our Global Community Right now in this very moment we are Connected through our breath through our Hearts and through our souls so so Beautiful to be with you here Love love love love love so much love For all of you Blessings There you go even though Pookie’s not Present with me in the room Um we she’s present with us in the chat And uh and this will pre-recorded Segments here so uh so yeah definitely Uh enjoy uh having those to share with You a couple of comments that came in I Want to highlight before I play my first Song here uh look at this it’s uh is it Bronco perhaps from Croatia is here Welcome that is fabulous uh let’s see Here’s a Tata from uh India it’s Sunday Just ended or it’s 8 40 p.m here it it’s Late in the uh or later in the day but Not as late as it is in Japan Um and this oh Mary hi Bob from also From India so man I I noticed actually

In my dashboard and my analytics uh if Uh with YouTube that there’s a lot of People from India that watch these watch My videos so thank you so much for being Here uh Carlene oh what did I mean oh Here’s what comment I I’ve never heard This is a unique comment I’ve never Heard what did I miss I had to chase Chickens first time ever I just wanted To highlight that it’s not every Sunday That we get a comment like that so I Hope you did success chasing your Chickens Allison first time from Canada Our friends to the north thank you so Much for being here and then as it uh Furthest perhaps from cashmere who Listens to the affirmations on The Daily Oh that is awesome thank you so much for Uh for being here and um and I’m glad That the uh I’m glad that the the Affirmations have been have been helpful Uh let’s see what else did I meet this Year oh it’s 4 P.M in Spain teen is Joining us from Texas oh another person Uh sue me perhaps probably not Pronouncing that right but well welcome Also from India oh that’s fabulous oh There’s Deborah from Cleveland Ohio That’s fabulous we got Clara’s here and Melody and oh my gosh uh so I’m gonna Play a song right now Um And uh yeah somebody uh Megan you asked You could you can request a song but I’m

Not sure if I’ll be able to play it Depending on what it is but I’ve already Got some stuff prayer prepared that I Sort of went over this this morning Um but uh feel free to ask and if if I Can’t do it this Sunday maybe we’ll work It in on a future Sunday so pop that in In there yeah what are some of your Those of you who are regulars that are Familiar with our music what are some of Your favorite songs I would love to be Able to to see that and we’ll uh we’ll Work them in more but we kind of rotate Through them so we’re not repeating the Same stuff every week you know And when Pookie’s out of town it gives Me an opportunity whoops She plays some songs that maybe are more Appropriate for solo songs that I don’t Really do a whole lot when she is here And so uh yeah that’s what I’m gonna do For you this morning All right I think I think that’s coming Through uh this is a song this is one of The first uh so I’ve been writing the Songs and playing in bands for many many Years decades Um and um let’s see here I uh this is Probably one of the first songs that I Wrote with a purposely wrote with a Positive message kind of an uplifting Message Um and uh this was like back in my late Mid to late 20s I wrote this song

And so uh who knew that years later Actually over the past 15 or 20 years I’ve it’s nothing what I’ve write Nothing but kind of uplifting message Songs not that there’s anything wrong With other types of songs there’s you Know music and art should Express the Full range of human emotions so there’s A place for sure for songs about feeling Down and and blues and all that stuff Um in the full like I said the full Range of human emotion but just Pookie And I are on the same boat or in Alignment with uh using the music that We create to to lift the vibration of The planet and other people and whoever Comes in contact with it so it’s my First attempt from years ago song called Be who you are Foreign Once in a while Does it sound left to make you smile Try to put the world inside your dreams Make the images come real you’ll see The season of philosophy this season all The line We’re not just passing time till we die So be who you are nail the let the world Take that from you be who you are always Do your best to make your own dreams Come true Do you ever look life right in the eye Do you ever stop and wonder why But have you had the urge to stake your

Claim Uh if you try to feel will not remain These aren’t broken promises a shallow Alibis We can’t give up on this till we try [Music] Be who you all in always do your best to Make your dreams come true This isn’t our philosophy It is in our life We’re not just passing time when we die [Music] Be who you all ain’t always strive to Make your dreams come true be who you Are never let the world take that from You be who you all in always do your Best to make your own dreams come true Come true Come true Come true [Music] There you go a song that came through me In the I don’t know Maybe I was like 27 28 29 something like That Just a young pup with a rock and roll Dream [Laughter] So I hope you enjoyed that I’m back with a Reverb off all right Awesome awesome sauce the guitar was Plugged in this time let me just pop in And check out some other um Some of the comments we’ll give some

Shout outs here uh and then I got some Photos to show you uh awesome thank you Monica appreciate the kind words about The uh about the song there Uh up prior uh I’ve been listening to Affirmations for about a month it feels Amazing thank you so much I’m glad That’s always uh I always love hearing That That the work I put out there is Impacting people in a positive way Whether it’s music or my spoken word or Whatever the case may be Hey there Trisha good morning to you Wonderful Souls it’s always good to Connect here on a Sunday morning with Our Global family Ah first timer and listen to my Affirmations that’s awesome Yeah yeah let’s see here Oh that person I referenced earlier First time from Pakistan oh that’s so Cool welcome welcome uh I love y’all’s Music so much they are all favorite so That’s really cool There’s some conversation about keoni in There Uh let’s see hey there Eileen spoke yep Hope you got the I I hope the uh He chased those chickens too so good to See you Eileen Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer coyote The uh well he’s not a Red-Nosed Reindeer but you know what oh let’s see

Awesome What is this oh thanks I thanks uh my Students are and you are so happy and Grateful for each for the oh so so you I’ll be curious to know how you so you Share Your affirmations with your students What uh what what grade level or age are They and I’d be curious to know there’s Anything else you want to share about That but I love that sharing it I don’t Know if the younger I know they’re College students or high school or grade School but uh that is that is awesome Thank you so much uh [Music] Uh Allison listens every morning A lot of a lot of uh Comments about chasing chickens in there I think that’s the theme of our day Good Morning Joe from North uh Northern Virginia good to have you here all right Fabulous Oh let’s see well I often if that a lot Of people say that my uh my music Reminds them of songs that came out in The 80s I I will totally Embrace that I Love the 80s was heavily influenced by It I didn’t I’ve never heard the hippie Gatherings in the early 80s but if that If that works for you that’s a good Reference especially if it’s a positive Memory go for it uh Oh Shiraz was born in Sri Lanka any

Fellow Sri Lankans here you never know Um let’s see Melody likes the song Grateful for my life yeah thank you that Was a favorite that’s about a year old Still getting its legs Um Donna’s greetings from Chile Wisconsin Uh okay All right And Jillian loves I guess the song I Just did with elodius commentary on Removing your limiting beliefs yeah Which is the which is that the uh uh the Theme of the of this week Um Melody says I enjoy your soul massage And opening up to the good albums and Your affirmations set to music yeah cool I’m gonna get um You know on Spotify some people don’t Even real realize this um if you look up If you go to if you if you use Spotify Or apple and actually any of the Streaming music Services if you go there And look search for an artist by artist Named Bob Baker’s inspiration project That’s the artist name Um you’ll find about 14 albums of uh of Like some of the stuff that you hear you Have on on YouTube here so it’s another Way to to con to consume it but YouTube Is the place where all the newest stuff Is so that’s the primary platform if you Will uh to to get my stuff but I am

Putting um more of that stuff into the Spotify and the streaming universe so Um so awesome so welcome we got a lot of People from around the world here we got A lot of first timers and so um we’re Gonna uh we gather together some of our Friends recently just to celebrate all Of you who are just here all part of our Global family look it’s nearly I think Over 90 people here simultaneously right Right now and over the course of the Week a couple thousand people or more We’ll watch we’ll watch this so whether You’re watching it live or in the future We just appreciate you being here and so We just wanted to express our Appreciation some of our friends helped Us out here we go one two three and [Applause] That’s for you right there we applaud You Um before I show uh some photos some Community photos here I just want to Remind you to please Um one of the it’s great that you uh That you come to the YouTube channel It’s great that you’re here this morning Or that you want listen to my videos Throughout the week it’s great if you Listen to my podcast or my stuff on Spotify but a more um intimate way that We can stay in in touch and keep you up To date on all the the stuff that Pookie And I we got we have some pretty pretty

Cool plans for the new year we’re going To reveal be revealing those slowly and Surely over the next weeks and months Um but to get on the email list that’s The place where we can really Communicate one-on-one uh with our Friends fans followers whatever you want To just describe it Um and so it’s really easy to do go to My website which is simply Bob uh and you’ll uh Quickly see how easy it is to get on the Email list is enter your name and your Email click the submit button and I’ll Even give you six free downloads for Taking the two seconds to to do that one Extra step you need to take though is to Immediately go to your inbox after you Submit that and you will get a you need To click on a confirmation link because They won’t add you to the list until you Do that so you got to go look for it That means you got to use an email that You check on a regular basis and then Check it regularly because we’re going To be sending out Um yeah just so yeah that’s it’s a Primary way that we really want to stay In touch with people and so if you could If you could do that if you don’t Already that would be super awesome Um let’s see here it’s time for Community photos I need like a theme

Song like I have for Bob’s Comedy Corner I think we need like a little theme song A little video set up for the community Of photos and videos I’ll work on that But let me uh let me pull up some of These first I’m going to start with Things that don’t involve Pookie so last Week so we always invite people who uh Who watch the on Sundays to send in a Photo of yourself uh doing in a setting That’s related to something that we do And it’s not just random phone you know Headshots or Glamor Shots or whatever You in the park uh but something I Either holding one of my books it could Be uh would uh if you’ve got some merch Or t-shirt or a mug or something that’s That’s great but in a real easy way and Katrina just did this look at this is Katrina last week Um took a picture of herself in front of Her I guess her laptop there Um while watching a live uh a lot They’re live stream so uh thank you Katrina for sending see how easy that That is she sent that in and uh and here I am giving her a shout out Um Samantha bins I can’t I don’t know if Samantha’s in the chat this morning but Every month she’s been holding a high Vibe tribe Meetup in Raleigh North Carolina and they’re small Gatherings They meet at a Starbucks there but

Here’s uh they those little festive Photo of uh who’s oh that’s Leslie on The left there’s Kim in the middle she’s Been a regular attendee and there’s Samantha on the uh on the right and so They uh yeah if you’re in the Raleigh North Carolina area they meet the first Friday of every month at like 6 30 There’s a Starbucks I don’t know if it’s On Strickland or something I had to get The address but um but yeah uh so that’s Really that’s really really cool really Appreciate Samantha taking those on Um now let’s turn our attention to Ms Pookie Lee She’s live in the chat but She is now in Japan and Um these are some photos I guess they flew into Tokyo but they’re Staying in a city called Yokohama Yokohama is where they are for those of You who are familiar with the area but This right here is a picture of Pookie I Believe this is probably on the ferris Wheel that we’re going to come back to I Got a video actually we’re going to show Of of them at the top of this Ferris This Ferris wheel but there’s Pookie in All her glory Um In yoga in Yokohama uh here is a photo Of Pookie and her mom Uh Lonnie Lee uh and uh that’s a Beautiful photo too beautiful beings Um so that’s from that’s taken in Japan

Just in just in just in recent days Again she’s she’s over there in Japan With her mother and her sister kamakaya And here is comma right there uh on the Streets of uh Yoko Yokohama and see that ferris wheel In the distance they I believe I’m Pretty sure that’s the one that they They go up in and I’ve got some photos And a video from from up up there but Kamakea is awesome uh let’s see here oh This is a this is a photo from the Ferris wheel looking down on the city in The harbor there it looks like they got Some kind of holiday lights going there Isn’t that cool and then here’s a Picture of them up there of Mount Fuji In the distance is that awesome or what So uh yeah I’ve heard I’ve seen so many Photos of that I’m seeing it in person Must be pretty Pretty awe-inspiring Um and so I am going to uh yeah I got a I’ve got a video here that they took From the top of the ferris wheel uh I’m Just gonna play that for you right now And come back At the very top now Um Cloudy Oh we’re at the top oh very very top I’ve been in that hotel I stayed One Night in that hotel right there my Landmark Hotel

Yeah So busy busy down here So much Christmas lights all the trees Are lit up Okay There you go now I have to admit seeing That I have this uh thing about Heights So I don’t know how eager I would have Been to go up on that but uh it actually Made me a little queasy just watching That I’m just I’m just kidding I’m sure It was an awe-inspiring view no no doubt Seeing the the city of Mount Fuji and All that Um and so see a lot of great comments Here I’m sure you see them as well uh They’re Pookie about commenting on you Um on your mom and your sister and and All that good that good stuff so um I Was happy to share that just one more Pick this is a little bit more of a Personal if we don’t have pictures of Other people to to share with we’ll have Pictures of some of our our own Activities some of you know I teach and Perform improv here in St Louis and on Zoom at at times and here’s a recent Class that I that I had with some crazy People that come and just make stuff up With with me and sometimes it’s a Musical like uh improv class or we’re Making up songs and lyrics on the spot Sometimes it’s just the acting part of It it’s like you’d see on who’s Line Is

It Anyway so a little hobby of mine that I just love and so there’s some of the Uh the folks that are part of my improv Community here in St Louis Um let’s see here so I think now is a Good time to go to our uh pre-recorded Segment uh all about how to identify Your limiting beliefs and so you know I Didn’t we knew ahead of time that Pookie Would be out of town for three Sundays In a row and we didn’t want to go Without her presence you know and me Carrying the whole thing even though I’m Happy to do that so we pre-recorded uh a A theme for each Sunday that she’s not Here and this is a really good one uh to Listen up Um take some notes and we’ll and and I Would love to hear your comments about This uh during it and when we and when We come back and I’ll be checking and The nice thing about being able to play This for a little bit is I can actually Pookie and I can actually interact live In the comments for you which we can’t Do when we’re delivering it for obvious Reasons so so here’s something on uh Yeah uh pull up a chair get a cup of Coffee and let’s talk about how to Identify your limiting beliefs Oh Pookie our topic today is a big Important one oh my gosh it’s so Important because without this I mean Where would you begin speaking of begin

It is the beginning of a three-step Process that we have been talking about That we have been uh honing and Developing it’s a three-step process we Use in our own lives yes and then we use The people that we work with and it can Be summarized with three simple words And that is heal Activate and connect that’s right that’s A three-step process that we boil down Everything that we know about personal Growth and affirmations and personal Development and oh my gosh overcoming Obstacles and succeeding and kind of uh Broke them down into this this this Process and uh and the first step with Healing yes is uh identifying uh being Aware of your limiting beliefs we talk a Lot on this channel and on our live Streams about like overcoming them uh Like how to how to rewire your brain Against it but but we probably had not Spent enough time on just identifying Your limiting beliefs right how do you Find out what they are that’s right Because these beliefs are part of your Internal operating system that is Working on the subconscious level so Quite often you are not aware of them Right but they’re running your life they Are navigating your ship you don’t even Know it she did say ship as in floating On okay [Laughter]

Stirring up your ship I know yeah yeah And you know uh because our limiting Beliefs just think about that their Beliefs that limit us There are beliefs that stop us from Being expressing ourselves as we truly Are right so so we could say that our Limiting beliefs they’re actually lies They’re not even the truth and we have These limiting beliefs and they’ve They’ve they have come from many many Different places All right so we can look at our um well And well and and from well-intended Beings such as our parents you know Um our school teachers maybe someone Maybe a pastor or Minister Um friends friends Yes all kinds yes absolutely and so You’re yeah we’re at whatever age you Are your beliefs have been developed Over a combination of all the things You’ve done said and felt over the Course of your life until this point uh And your brain has wired them into your System to where you’re not even aware Now so that’s why this so This step is Often skipped in in when people uh Pursue personal growth which is a great Aspiration but you start doing all the Stuff and using all the tools you go I’m Still stuck in this place why is that And one of the reasons may be that you Haven’t completely identified those

Limiting beliefs and brought them out Into the open where you can Shine the Light of awareness on them yes and Awareness is the key the first key to Transformation so in this this segment We’re not talking about overcoming your Limiting beliefs we’re going to be Talking about identifying them coming Face to face with them so that you know What you’re dealing with what is it and Then you then you can start all that Work of Excavating them replacing them And rewiring them but until you know What they are Um yeah you’re gonna be doing all this Work maybe you’re not not wondering why It’s not Landing right so there’s a Whole boy there’s a whole list of things Here let’s see if we can get this Through this you know in a concise uh Thing and so basically you want to you Want to uh pay attention to things that Trigger you uh that challenge you and One of the things that’s most obvious on My channel uh is since this you you come Here to listen to my affirmations or our Affirmations Um and I’ve heard many comments over the Years about oh yeah these Raised Me Up These raised my vibration but I’ve heard Many many times people say oh I say that One oh and it feels it doesn’t feel Authentic sticker it makes me sad or Makes me cry or like your brain’s going

No absolutely that’s not true so just That alone what affirmations trigger you With a negative response or a disbelief There’s a clue about what the underlying Limiting belief is and we should maybe Uh so there are beliefs that we have There’s an operating system a belief System that we have and and there are uh What do you call it uh empowering Beliefs that you have absolutely and so Let’s not just uh negate all beliefs Um so yeah you do experience and through You you may have mastered some some Technique or some some way of thinking And so you may have some confidence or Whatever and that’s a belief that you Want to to uh maintain and yeah well Think of the affirmations those are Beliefs that you want to activate Exactly right those are the beliefs that You want to experience you want to know That is the truth of yourself right Um and and usually you’ll come into These affirmations because you think the Opposite of what what you’re affirming Right so so that’s that’s a really Powerful thing to look at too so what What where what so yes it’s good to be Aware of your empowering beliefs but we Want to we want to really identify the Limiting ones though because that’s What’s putting the emergency brake on Your life and not allowing you to move Forward and be the full expression of

Who you are yeah it slows you down so Whenever you get triggered whenever you Have an emotional response to anything There’s an indication there’s something As a belief there’s something that’s Triggering that and so it’s good to just Stop and monitor and do some Introspection what caused that why am I Feeling that way there’s something in my Past that maybe is a similar situation Am I am I linking this to something Unrelated to what’s happening now this Person or this thing or the circumstance Um that’s triggering it but we often Just kind of go through the motions Especially when we’re in a heightened Emotional state right you just kind of Move on to the next thing or suppress it Or but no we want you to stop and and Not dwell on it and make it part of your Identity but just ask some questions Yeah yeah that’s a great way of just Like I’m trying to observe it uh from a Distance yeah like step outside of it Yeah and just kind of look at it and Like what is actually happening here What is it what am I experiencing what Are my feelings right now when was the First time that I felt this feeling Maybe that can help you discover when This limiting belief actually was Activated within your own being Sometimes we find out it was when we Were children and so these beliefs are

Limiting and we want to identify them so That we can move Beyond them right bring Our awareness to them there’s a lot of Ways these show up one of them is the Imp like the Imposter syndrome if you’ve Heard about if you go to pursue Something or even something that you’ve Been at for a while and you go oh gosh Who am I really qualified to do this or They’re going to find me out and I’m a Fake you know and the thing is every no Matter what level of success you’re at There’s a little bit of that’s always Going to creep in there’s always going To be a negative voice Um it’s just you’re going to get on good You have to get on unbalanced terms with It but when you when you feel that way Again there’s a there’s a limiting Belief that you’re not worthy uh you Haven’t just you don’t deserve this Position or this label or whatever this Role that you’re that you’re wanting to Play in life so examine when you feel That way do those self-examination Questions Um it’s also very much related to your Comfort zone right so yeah all all the Goodness all your all your future growth Your personal growth generally is Outside of your comfort zone yeah uh and So what all kinds of limiting beliefs Come up when you get into your when You’re in uh out of your comfort zone

Right they all start part popping up and You can just hear on fire and and it’s Really in that in those moments take Note you know as to what it is that your Brain is saying right now like I can’t Do this oh my gosh I’m so afraid I’ll Die if I do that I’ll lose you know Whatever it is yeah lose respect I’ll Lose my dignity Um you know and so and you can just kind Of take a look at that so whenever like Whenever you’re you’re going after Something new you know like you’re Challenging yourself in a new area like You’re going for that job or you’re Going you’re you’re um gonna go and ask That person out for a date like just Like that oh my gosh like when you have That thought of like I’m gonna actually Call this person ask them to go out with Me and then all of a sudden all these Thoughts come forward like oh no don’t Do it you’re not good enough he he or She is better than you you don’t deserve To be happy but so pay attention right Because these are the moments when we Can identify our limiting beliefs and Then once they become aware of them we Can we can then go to the next level Which is how do we heal them yeah and so Yeah in the come up I don’t deserve not Only the state I don’t deserve this job I don’t deserve this amount of money I Don’t deserve this relationship I don’t

Deserve to be happy yeah uh and so and The thing is you’re not your goal is is Not to just totally rid yourself of These negative thoughts and you’re You’re not you’re never going to be You’re never going to do that void of Fear so that’s that’s not the that’s not The goal here the goal is to become Aware of what’s slowing you down and Identifying them so that you can put Them in their place right they go in the Back seat yeah so but if you don’t know What you’re replacing you know it’s just Like it’s like I know my car needs Something new I just don’t know what it Is I’m just buying a bunch of parts and Or just I’m gonna wash the car put a new Coat of paint on it but it still does it Runs like crap it’s like you gotta know What part is faulty to be able to fix it Right right Um and that’s that fix it like you’re Broken but just to upgrade you know and Enhance things Um one thing uh that we came up I think This next section is going to be really These are like a series of uh like like To call belief system Mad Libs they used To like fill in the bank blank questions Uh and I want to thank uh Lisa Shepard For helping us uncover some of these Things she did a little research on this Topic for us that helped us uh really uh Yeah come up with some great things to

Share share with you so thank you Lisa Um so so these are like questions that Uh that yeah when when you fill in the Blank like for instance Um oh I don’t have time to when you use The excuse that I don’t have time to do That Maybe you don’t you know maybe there’s Something that’s not in your in your Wheelhouse or your area of Genius or Whatever but quite often if something You’re pursuing and you’re putting it up Because you don’t have time there’s Another reason there that speaks to it Yeah we use that as a big excuse to not Do things even more so I don’t have what It takes to feel like blank yeah what is That thing that you’re pursuing and when That thought comes up what’s the belief Right is it really true it’s probably Not oh I’m not qualified to flank well In the blank yeah Um I I’m I’m not going to be successful In or with blank because blank thanks Again these are mad libs that you feel They fill in the way you fill those in And maybe you don’t feel that way every Day but if you probably answer those Questions in different ways at different Times you know and so just like yeah you Might even be recalling some of the Times when you’ve had these thoughts and Take yourself back into what the Situation was that created that thought

I should probably come up with a with a Worksheet or something that has all These listed questions on them Um great how about if I succeed I’m Afraid that I’ll blank so what’s the Fear there well if I fail at this I’m Afraid that uh So what what’s on that list for you oh There’s a lot of Classics here I’m just Simply too old to oh my goodness yeah do That what’s the opposite of that I’m too Young to do that uh let’s see I’m not Smart enough to do X I don’t know I’m Not knowledgeable enough I don’t know Enough again that posture syndrome how About I’m not attractive enough to Pursue this thing that I want to do is That really true you know Um and here’s like just a general Question how would you fill in this Blank the world is basically a blank Place oh wow what adjective would you Put in there that says a lot right there The world is a and you know like what Was the first word that came to your Mind yeah the world is basically a is it Friendly Place wonderful hostile Place Happy it’s scary The way you answer that speaks volumes To what you’re believing well you’re Creating yeah and is that a belief System that’s serving you if it does if You say it’s a happy place good then Reinforce that yeah have your

Affirmations just Hammer that home but If it’s not one that’s serving you how Then that’s a clue to some where the Work needs to be done you know that’s Which is the next step but we’re just Focusing on I first you have to identify Them here’s a series a whole series of Uh questions Um that I think would be really helpful Um and the word this is gonna you have To fill in the blank when this happens I feel this way Which leads to a decision or a behavior Of mine a reaction that you have which Then leads to this result right so when Um when I uh turn down the offer to Speak at my local whatever meeting you Know for whatever let’s say it’s a Uh or a writer’s uh me meeting or Whatever you’re inspiring writer when I Turn down my opportunity I feel I feel Unqualified and relieved I I relieve the pressure of having to To show up and be made a fool in front Of the public because I really don’t Know what I’m talking about when it Comes to writing which leads to a Decision oh yeah our decisional Behavior Again to not pursue it not feel it not Probably right as much which then leads To the result of you like not feeding Your soul with the written word that was A horrible made-up example there that I Think you know where I’m going but when

This happens I feel this way which leads To this decision or behavior which then Leads to this result you have to fill in Those blanks for you but you can yeah I’m sure you’re already thinking of ways That that applies to your to your life Right And then any questions and then just one More thing uh this is just another way To look at it so this is all so far We’ve been looking at it through the Lens of self-examination like yeah you Want to totally be present be and Monitor your thoughts objectively not Judgmentally or beating yourself up it’s About a it’s it’s identifying your Limiting beliefs without judgment right Yeah Is going to help you right right because We’re talking about Liberation about Being free from these thoughts it’s not About finding fault like I’m going to Make a list of all these faulty ways I’m Thinking no that’s not the that’s not The way to approach this I’m trying to root out the faulty parts Are the parts that are not serving me Again you’re not faulty Um but these are just things that have Obscured your Brilliance uh and then That’s those are the that’s the I made The windshield analogy before I’m not Going to go through the whole thing Again but there’s something that’s

That’s clogging your windshield or your Your window and it’s just not allowing You to see the Brilliance of the world And who you are and so the work of Personal development is being able to Wipe that clean that stuff away but it’s So you know what the gunk is that’s That’s obscuring your view it’s going to Be hard to remove it harder so a really Simple process and um in In identifying These beliefs okay so something triggers You you notice where a belief shows up In your mind that doesn’t serve you and Usually they’re just but they’re just Like statements that don’t speak to the Highest aspect of your being that are Kind of condescending in their tone Right like you’re stupid you don’t know You don’t have enough of this you’re not Good enough you don’t know about worthy Whatever right so when that shows up for You right it’s so that is you if if you Don’t just bypass this and you stop Right there that’s the moment of Identification identify it wow okay That’s the identification and then next Thing that is really really powerful is Just ask yourself is that true about you Is that real and I mean just like really Being honest is that really true about Me Is that really true about me and what You’ll find is like you can you’ll find

That it’s not really true about you it Is a lie it really is a lie that was That’s what a limiting belief is and Limiting beliefs you know like they’re Navigating your life if they stay in and If you stay in an unaware state with Them they will navigate your life and They will direct your life and and They’re basically they’re driving your Car they’re driving your car when you Become aware of them and You Begin then You can ask yourself if it’s really true And you you know that it’s not true for You then all of a sudden you can tell That limiting belief to get in the back Seat you’re not driving anymore because It’s going to show up again that voice Is going to come up again you don’t ever Get rid of them I’m sorry to say you Don’t they are they’re just there They’re just kind of there they just Kind of show up less and less and less As time goes on but they still show up So you can recognize this this voice Coming up out of the back seat like you Go oh no no no you’re just here along For the ride I know that you’re here but You’re not driving anymore you’re not in The front seat we’re on the front seat We’re driving my my expansive positive Powerful beliefs are what’s driving my Vehicle right now and my limiting Beliefs are in the back seat and they Get to be there because they are going

To show up again people think that you Know you do this work and then they Disappear and they never come back and Then they’re horrified when they have That thought again thinking that there’s Something wrong there’s nothing wrong It’s something you know it’s just it Just will continue to show up and it’s An opportunity for you to once again Stand in your power and say no this is Who I am and this is who I am that’s Veering into the topic of overcoming the Limiting beliefs which is a whole nother Yeah which is the next phase in this Heel activate connect uh process it’s Still part of the heel category but just One more thing as far as identifying Them because sometimes sometimes people Have a little bit uh a challenge Reflecting on their on themselves you’re So close to yourself you don’t all often See you’re limiting beliefs so one final Little tip there is what limiting Beliefs do you recognize in others oh so You have friends you have family members When you’re going oh they’re not Pursuing that goal because they think This way or they have this disgruntle Attitude because because of this belief And so observing that in other people Might shed some light on how you’re Processing things and you might actually Recognize in other people issues that You’re having within your own self that

Maybe you didn’t realize so have you Ever said to your girlfriend Um when she says something negative About herself like you just look at her And say Do not talk about my girlfriend like That don’t do it I’ve heard you say that Right to your friends yeah yep I’ll hear My friends say something that doesn’t Honor them and I’ll say ah you’re not Allowed to talk about my my best friend Like that you are not allowed to nope I’m not tolerating that yeah that’s Another thing what advice would you give To other people that you’re not giving To yourself that’s another way to look At this too yeah so this is a great Topic so I hope uh this helped you yeah You could use all these tools to just Stop and spend an entire week you know In a journal or whatever just going Moving through your day as best you can To monitor your thoughts every time you Have a reaction to something ask Yourself what’s triggering that what’s The underlying belief that inspired that Reaction uh write them all down go Through some of these questions that We’ve posed and uh that’s the first step Personal transformation as you can be Amazed that’s right this is going to Benefit you big time that was great Pookie yeah good job Bob all right is so Amazing once again back to you

Foreign Well I said some really brilliant things There and there was no sound I really uh Man oh man It was brilliant too uh I was gonna say I hope you enjoyed that segment oh geez Sorry about that Um and uh I hope you enjoyed that Segment I saw a lot of comments there About Um About uh control alt delete and and like Vanishing these thoughts and I was just Basically making a point that your goal Uh in life is not to rid yourself of any Negative thoughts uh it is um It is too uh it’s it’s still it’s the Lesson there their their impact uh the Problem is that people give these Negative these limiting beliefs they Give it a megaphone a microphone they Put it in the center stage of their of Their of their life to where it Um it it Powers everything that they do Uh but the real trick is just they’re Always going to be there so you want to Just get them again on friendly terms With them identify them and then put Them in there put them in their place Um and so um so yeah Uh I hope that helps so I was last night We usually do some affirmations uh right After these segments but I wasn’t like Really feeling affirmations here but I

Thought it would be actually more Appropriate just to have a list of Questions uh here and so kind of Summarizes a lot of the stuff that we Talked about Um and so here are just some questions To ponder uh to to help again identify Your limiting beliefs so here they are So what affirmations trigger a negative Reaction Many of you listen to my affirmations Some of you on on the daily as it’s been Set here Um and so uh when uh when when when you Say things that something feels Uncomfortable There’s an opportunity to Identify what’s triggering that what’s The belief underlying belief that’s Making that feel wrong for you Um another one what thoughts come up When you go outside of your comfort zone When you try to do something new and There’s fear there again there’s nothing Wrong with feeling fear don’t beat Yourself up about it Um but it’s it is pointing to They’re illustrating that there is some Sort of a limiting belief behind that Just kind of become aware of what that Is so these are all opportunities to Identify those negative or limiting Beliefs another one what fearful voice Do you hear when you set a big bold Bodacious goal it’s a phrase that Pookie

And I came up with recently that will You’ll probably be hearing us talk a lot More about uh a big bold Bodacious goal So when you set a big goal and you and You and you start moving toward it There’s all this uncertainty and fear What’s underlying that what’s what is Triggering that what aspect of it for Your success if you’re a failure fear I Don’t know what I’m doing imposter Syndrome again nothing wrong with Feeling these things Um but identifying the underlying cause Or related to experience or something That is you know in in the uh in your Mind would be very helpful uh also what Circumstances trigger an imposter Syndrome feeling When do you feel that way Again no shame in feeling that way but Just being aware instead of just like Moving on to the next thing and ignoring It do a little introspection what is Triggering that and then finally uh what Is the biggest mental block just a General question what’s the biggest Mental block that holds you back in General Um so these are all series of questions That you can ask yourself to help Identify the limiting beliefs and then The next stage of course once you’ve Done this introspection and you kind of Have a greater awareness of it then you

Can start to replace them and recognize Them when they come up uh which then Will allow you to move forward uh before You know Regardless of them being present uh Um See oh there’s we go oh I got a topic For one of your next lives how to set a Big boldacious big bold Bodacious goal We may cover that because yeah we’re Really going to be talking a lot we Realized Pookie and I just realized the Importance of having something like some Of the big turning points in our lives Were when we decided to focus on Something that was pretty audacious our Boat our Bodacious Um and and all the unintended benefits That came from pursuing that and Achieving that or at least achieving Some some aspect of that Um so yeah you know I think you’ll be Hearing a lot more about that so those Are the questions instead of the Affirmations and right now oh ladies and Gentlemen I think it’s time to lighten The mood a little bit don’t you Um I actually did a little research and I found the first time that we Officially did Bob’s Comedy Corner uh I’m gonna I’m gonna have to play that For you because there’s some interesting Stuff but it’s I think it was early on It was like January February of last

Year but so um so even though we’ve been Doing these lives for two years Bob’s Comedy Corners just less than a year old Still Still learning to walk but yes it’s now Time for it’s Bob’s Comedy Corner Should do There you go yes we always have these Segments in case you’re catching this For the first time by any chance yeah Every Sunday we lighten things up uh With a little segment Um I actually know the first person I Saw it I’m gonna have to grab that clip And play it at the end of the of the Year the very first person that puts Should ubiwa in the um in the comments There was the very first time I played This theme song and so um so yeah uh It’s that’s that’s interesting and it Became a thing here almost a year later Uh so some as you know I like to look at Uh sometimes I’ll use this date in History anything significant happen on This particular date to use as an Inspiration for a theme for some for Some some humor these are all like lame Puns and Dad joke type of things family Friendly but on this date in 1996 the Unmanned space vehicle Mars Pathfinder Was launched from Cape Canaveral Florida To explore the surface of Mars and so I Thought what better thing to do you than To have a series of jokes on Mars

Martians space travel I think it’s the perfect thing to do so I got a long list here let’s get through Them quickly pop in your favorites if if You just want to particularly hits your Funny bone go ahead and uh pop it in There so I know what’s connecting with You ready here we go where do you leave Your spaceship when you visit Mars well At the parking meteor What’s the best way to schedule a trip To Mars Planet Oh here we go after the Martians visited Earth why did they come back for more Earthlings well they needed some extra Terrestrials The rest of yours it’s a hard word to Say What is it called when you get your Rover stuck in a rut on Mars and you Complain about it it’s a fourth world Problem Oh here’s an alien etiquette point to Ponder if humans made jokes about Martians is that considered spacest Laughs [Applause] Why don’t many aliens like to party at The Mars Bar well they don’t like the Atmosphere I’m looking forward to your comments I’m Sure there’s so many favorites here why Did the man from Mars log on to his

Computer well to update his Facebook Status It’s Facebook status that is Which is the most common currency on Mars Starbucks Why did the man from Mars move from the Milky Way galaxy to the soy milky Galaxy Because he was galactose intolerant Oh my God it’s amazing that I see There’s an inner critic in my voice Right now going wow you’re really Sounding dumb but I I just ignored that And keep moving forward because I know The benefit is greater than okay what do Martians like to eat for breakfast Nothing they prefer they prefer to wait For launch Two more left folks what does a martian Use to tie his spaceship to the docking Station An astronaut And finally which Brady Bunch kid was Seriously into science fiction Martian Martian Martian Oh there you go that has been this Week’s segment of it’s Bob’s Comedy Corner All right there you go I hope you I hope you found that to be funny oh we Gotta get the hilarious lol love the Jokes love these we have several friends And neighbor who work at the Space Center oh that’s right you are Lisa

You’re pretty close to Cape Kennedy Canaveral over there over the heck is Called These Days Um Randy’s Brandy’s boyfriend said okay That one was funny hey one out of 30 I Think is pretty doing pretty good Considering how Lisa says dude I’m Cracking up If I can get a dude out of you then I’m I’m I’m I’m do I’m doing well uh all Right so here’s what we’re gonna do now Uh I think the last week or two we were Missing Even Pookie’s going oh my goodness super Funny Bob you would think she would be Immune to that by now Um all right see you Lisa galactose Intolerant classic Dave says cool uh I Think the last week or two though we’ve Missed some of the dance party a lot Some of you like that electronic music From especially stuff from our soul Massage album uh and so I am going to um Play a song called set your vision free Which definitely has an I think some People have said in 80s Vibe it’s Definitely electronic dance music Um so I’m going and leave some comments Here either any um like Then what what you got out of our talk About uh your limiting beliefs maybe oh Maybe you could talk about here actually This is a good a good one we talked

About the big Bodacious big bold Bodacious gold post your big bold Bodacious goal what’s something you want To achieve uh in the in the in the in The in the new in the new year and make It big and scary and so just yeah post Your Ideal one big bold Bodacious goal and I’m gonna highlight comments while this Song is playing because there’s really Nothing else to watch except a little uh Groovy background all right so there’s Your task uh I’ll be looking for those Comments and and popping them in while This song plays but if you feel like Getting up and uh dancing you know what Deanne it’s dance time but all the Others you can move around sing along But post your comments what is your big Bold Bodacious goal here we go [Music] So come on [Music] Come on [Music] Come on [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Will come on It is [Music] [Music]

Jump up get ready to move [Music] Will come on Come on [Music] Come on [Music] [Applause] Please Anything you want to create right now Anything that you want to Envision for Your life right now It’s possible we’re living in a Land of Miracles [Music] Set your mind free to believe believe All you can be [Music] Let It Be [Music] Free Let your mind be free So don’t hold back [Music] [Music] Have a vision for your life [Music] Set your vision free [Music] Have a vision for your life So don’t hold back Foreign [Music] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Come on Come on Get ready [Music] Come on Come on [Music] Y’all I’m doing it again I cannot but I Gotta put a sign I gotta put a note uh There just to unmute my damn self Because I’ve done that twice now you Think that after the first one I would Have learned so thank you thank you so Much for reminding me oh my God good Young thank you for uh for sharing all Those goals um we Yeah they were amazing and we will be Talking more about that in the new year And in fact I think it’s going to be a Part of a an ongoing discussion that We’re going to be having in 2023 look at Coyote there he’s chilling on his sleigh Oops I did it again just like Brittany That’s right so I I so yeah I got to put Like I got to do something to to remind Myself Um so anyway we’re gonna head into the Stretch here if you don’t already please Subscribe to the channel uh like this Video and share it but if you don’t Subscribe and many people who watch my Videos all the time don’t even subscribe

It’s free and you can become one of the Um 208 000 subscribers now to this channel I’m So blessed that those that uh those Amazing numbers I never saw this coming Years ago but I’m so grateful do not Take that for granted so please Subscribe and then hit the little Notification Bell so that you uh it’ll It’ll remind you I think pretty much Every time I post a new video about Three a week Um although I’m doing more actually I’m Upping the I’m doing more shorts uh Those like less than a minute videos and All that good stuff And so um so yeah uh so subscribe to the Subscribe to the Channel I want to Remind you once again also to get on the Email list that’s how we’re going to be Getting Information out about the big Bodacious Goal and all the other things that we’re Up to we got some exciting things in the New year and um yeah which surely we’ll Be posting some of that stuff on YouTube But our email list is gonna be the Primary way so if you don’t if you’re Not on that list uh Bob fill out the form There click submit I’ll even give you Six free MP3 downloads for your personal

Use just for taking the two seconds to Sign up and then as I always like to Remind you you have to take the Additional step of going to your inbox Opening the the email that that has a Confirmation link to prove that you’re a Human and not a bot uh and that way It’ll officially add you to the list if You don’t take that second step you Won’t get any emails from me so so do That right now Bob also to remind you It’s uh if you don’t already if you do You have a copy of my book called The Power of affirmations and positive Self-talk Um many of you do because I know we’ve Signed autographed copies to you either In person or we’ve shipped them to to You but mostly they’re available on Amazon and pretty much wherever books Are sold online and there’s even there’s It’s even available as a uh an audiobook As as well on Audible and Amazon and Wherever and places like that there’s an E-book version really affordable yeah The paperback’s only like 10 bucks the E-books like five Um pretty low price there for the uh for The uh audiobook as well so if you don’t Have that Um Getting one and they make great holiday Gifts for your favorite person that

Needs a little bit of a a little bit of A of a of a boost Um so thanks for continuing to post your Uh big bold Bodacious goals that’s Awesome Um Let’s see here I’m gonna play a final Song here and while I’m doing it uh post You can you can continue to post your Your goals if you haven’t done that or You can post a takeaway what did you get Out of this what are you going to use This coming week uh related to the the Topic of identifying your limiting Beliefs so it’s up it’s up to you uh and We’ll just check in after the song uh Highlight some of the uh more prominent Ones there either your goal or your Takeaway related to identifying your Limiting beliefs And then we’ll move on with our day and So I’m so glad that pookie was able to Join us in the uh In the chat there Um Again it’s after midnight well now it’s One almost 1 30 in the morning in Japan Where she is so let me get this here All right This is another song this song’s about 15 years old something like that Um and it’s definitely about uh By finding the answers and where are Those answers

Located well this song is about yeah When you’re feeling down you’re looking For answers well I’m just gonna play it and stop talking About it all right here we go [Music] Your life is lost and found and you lose And ground day to day Instead of a lucky break another mistake Comes your way You don’t know who you are and you fell So far so soon You looking outside yourself though you Cannot help but lose If you’re searching for something out There to hold on to but you can’t get a Grip on if you’re looking for someone to Show you the way and you can’t seem to Find him time to turn to the only one Who will help you light the way you know It’s true That someone is you Foreign ’s on the blink You walk in a thin wide rope and your Gyroscopes out of sink You wanna sing rescue me it’s a travesty You say Life is so unfair why should you care Anyway Well if you’re searching for something Out there to hold on to but you can’t Get a grip on if you’re looking for Someone to show you the way and you

Can’t seem to find her time to turn to The only one who will help you like the Way you know it’s true That someone is you Foreign [Music] The only place you find the truth is Right inside of you [Applause] We’re right inside of you [Music] If you’re searching for something out There to hold on to but you can’t get a Grip on if you’re looking for someone to Show you the way and you can’t seem to Find them time to turn they’re the only One who will help you light the way you Know it’s true Someone is you You know it’s true It’s right inside of you You know it’s true It’s right inside of you [Music] You know it’s true Right inside of you You know it’s true it’s all right inside Of you [Music] There you go the hits keep coming [Music] It’s so I see a name in the chat that I Just want to acknowledge so Jennifer Rezer you probably weren’t expecting me

To call you out here but I was looking Through the archives I wanted to find Out when Bob’s Comedy Corner started uh And I don’t remember the date it’s Either like late January or February I I Went back and I’m going to highlight This but the very first time that I used The little video like with the theme Song Um uh whatever that date was and I Officially started calling it Bob’s Comedy Corner uh you if I’m not mistaken Jennifer you were the first person to to Type should ubiwa in the uh in the Comments it’s so here you are almost a Year later still still here so you hold The honor of being the first one to Acknowledge should do be wow and look What it has be has become I’m unmuted oh Good Now I’m paranoid every time I start Talking after something so uh so yeah You may hold that honor and I’m gonna I’m gonna uh try to find that um Yeah maybe I’ll do a screenshot of it or Or something so um because I couldn’t Remember when when we started doing it Especially with with the theme song and Never and everything so thank you for Picking up on on on that channel who Goes yes [Laughter] So here oh there let me just highlight Some comments and I think it’s time to

Sign off and move on with our days so um Let’s see some takeaways here there’s a Lot of them I’ll get to oh hi king take Away can easily bust through any Limiting beliefs well there’s Pookie Lee Oh wait let me lower this down so I’m Not Blocking uh there you go all of you are Incredible beings who deserve all the Best life has to offer love you bunches Uh thank you I’m a bob and Pookie Groupie Bob and Pookie Bobby Pookie Groupie there’s something rhyming kind Of there thank you Um Cherie says truly look deep inside Yourself and you will find your best Self Ah look at all the lovely comments here Thank you Deanne appreciate that let’s See here uh uh oh Dave says I found most Of my answers through reading the Affirmations from that book I missed my Yes my book tuning into this weekly show And from Reading Bob’s three times per Week and oh three times per week though I text after affirmations great song Roberto I appreciate that Melody says uh like Pookie saying Affirmations or beliefs you want to Activate never thought of it that way oh Pookie’s saying affirmations are beliefs That you want to activate yeah If you know a belief is simply a thought That you thunk over and over again

Repeatedly Um so if you want to establish and Install a new belief you get a new Thought that you repeat over and over Until it’s ingrained and it takes time To uproot the other one or at least Dissolve the other one uh are the ones That don’t serve you and replace them With new ones so yeah so yeah these are Beliefs that you want to activate that’s It that is a great way of looking at it So just so if you’re feeling like oh This stuff is not working I’m still I’m Still uh being hampered by my old faulty Whatever things that are holding you Back Um just know that uh time over time Deanne will tell you that too she said Earlier she didn’t she didn’t believe The affirmations at first but she kept Stating them kept doing the work and now It’s part of who she is Um and that’s what we all want we want This to become SEC become second nature For us we’re not doing it because it’s Something we have to do is we’re doing We’re behaving and and showing up in the World because that’s who we are And you have to do that work Intentionally to get to that point uh Takeaway do the uncomfortable I did use Gyroscope in the song didn’t I it’s Somewhere in there oh yeah your Gyroscope’s out of sync very many pop

Songs that have gyroscope in them you’re Welcome Feeling that high Vibe love energy thank You for the kind words Monica love that And um yes And let’s see here I think we’re gonna We’re gonna wrap it up at that you guys Are so awesome really do appreciate you Showing up here every Sunday Um and uh supporting each other and Being part of this Global Community We’re going to continue to do this in The new year and we’re going to find Some new new ways to uh To lift each other up so just stay tuned Get on the email list subscribe to the Channel like and share this video you Know what to do enjoy the rest of your Day talk to you all soon miss you and Love you pookie we’ll be uh we’ll she’ll Be back In uh St Louis and in your into your Homes again really soon all right thanks Everybody take care bye bye County wave Goodbye

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